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facetoface 07-14-2013 09:27 PM

Cobb HWG stg 1 VS Torqued Performance stg 1
I was wondering if there is much of a difference between the two if I am already hitting 18 psi on the cobb hwg stage 1 93 map on my 13 wrx. I haven't logged anything, just played around on the map for a little bit. Is it safe to be running that high of a boost on stage 1? I think my top boost was 18.5. I didn't see any boost spiking and it does make a huge difference from the normal stg 1 93 map.

XTi 07-23-2013 01:05 PM

Pretty sure you don't want to intentionally overboost like that.

A TP Stage 1 Map will be tuned specifically to your car, needs, conditions, and driving style, while also watching various tables and values to make sure everything is as safe and dialed in as possible to your specific vehicle.

The Cobb OTS Maps are designed to cover a broad range of cars and conditions, and are certainly not the best/safest tunes out there for your specific car in every case. Furthermore, the different wastegate maps are for achieving projected peak boost safely if you are underboosting on the normal wastegate map.

Running the HWG map when you are properly hitting peak boost on the normal map is no bueno. The map is still EXPECTING you to hit 17.5psi peak boost, and the rest of the tune supports that expectation.

There's more to tuning safely and reliably than simply turning up the boost. Plus, more boost doesn't always mean more power. If your car is hitting high boost, but you're getting bad knock and the ecu is pulling timing to try to keep the engine from going boom, you'll make less power than hitting the proper boost numbers with no knock.

Finally, any time you make any change to your tune you should be logging to make sure everything looks ok. If you don't know what everything is supposed to look like, you should do a search on this forum or any of the several other forums that can supply that info...heck, even a google search would produce a basic understanding of what to look for, I would think.

I'm not a tuning expert, but I know enough to recognize when something is REALLY out of sorts, and I check the numbers in my AP constantly to monitor the health of my engine.

Good luck if you decide to leave it on HWG...

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