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Aaron2112 02-25-2014 06:59 AM

Beta testing DashBoss, Opensource users may find this helpful.
Ok so Let me get this out of the way first.

It is an app oriented scan tool like device. Operates like the Torque app for android users but is built for iOS users. It isnt exactly cheap, but from what I can gather so far, it is more...robust... than the simple bluetooth dongle in the OBDII port. Cost is 169.99 for the "gateway" it is expandable and can be incorporated with a wideband, the diesel guys are using EGT probes with it as well, and I believe there are more uses. Still learning about it.

Why I am beta testing this is they have not had a WRX try this out yet. He offered me to try the product and if we could not get the gauges I wanted or get it to work correctly I can return it for a full refund. The owner is very quick to get back to email questions and such.

I have been looking at how I want to tune my car for a long time now and I was initially going with cobb so I could have all the nice gauges to look at and make sure things were running correctly. After finding this, I figure I will give it a shot. See what all I can get to work and what all I can monitor. If it works out I'll be keeping it and using a Tactrix cable to opensource tune, and then run this with the full gamut of gauges it offers. You can monitor up to 12 different parameters, either in a analog gauge style or in a pure digital style that shows numbers.

I figure if this works, it may be a great alternative for the guys out there with opensource tunes and no gauges to look at. This could offer a simple way to monitor your car between laptop data logs, though the app will also datalog and has a fairly well flushed out datalog feature, I do not know if it would work for a tuner to use as a reference. Who knows, it may actually be a good one stop shop and you can send the datalogs from the app to the tuner and they may be able to tell what they need to tweak from that. If not, its really just a good alternative to having to put in 4 gazillion little gauges all over your car.

If this works with the car, and the beta test goes well and we are able to get the parameters and all that are pertinent to keeping a good eye on the car, and if this community recieves it well, I will make posts on the [I]other[/I] WRX/STI forums and we all may be able to have a good alternative to tons of gauge pods, plus a seemingly rather useful tool in monitoring our cars.

Sorry for the long windedness and thank you for your time,

Aaron2112 02-25-2014 07:03 AM

Also I just placed my order, when I get it and have played around for awhile on it I will update this thread periodically with my findings and my final decision if it is a worthwhile investment.

Feel free to chime in with questions I can ask the dashboss guys if you're interested.

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