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Sub14WRX 01-23-2014 10:34 AM

2014 Stage 1 (Stock Intake w/ CBE) concerns.
Alright so just a little while ago I reflashed my ECU to Cobb Stage 1 (Stock Intake w/ CBE) and noticed a few things right off the bat. My Boost went from 13.8 (Stock) to 16.8 (Peaked to 17.4 once throughout the hour).
I can hear my turbo spin like a Jet, Never heard it really stock, but you hear this thing wanting to take off like a bat out of hell.

Now the car seems to be running just fine, Pulls great. I can't feel nothing I should be concerned about. My real only concern is that does the stage 1 usually bring your PSI up?

Also the dyno app thing on Accessport is estimating my peak AWHP to be 280WHP at 6400 RPM ( Third Gear Pull )

arewmors 01-23-2014 11:10 AM

Yes it makes your boost go up. Stock wrx's are 14.3 psi and cobb stage 1 is about 16.5 psi. Then when you go stage 2 (installing a aftermarket DP) it goes up to 18 psi. The psi is in the description of the map before you install it or on the computer in the description when you have the AP program open with the AP plugged in You should really do a few data logs to confirm everything checks out and the numbers look good. You can post on the forum here and have people look at it and give feedback, and/or you can send it to Cobb and they will look at it and tell you if it looks okay, usually within 2 days of sending them the info. I would recommend this immediately after installing the AP. Also you should know what mods are going to do to your vehicle. What if 16 wasn't right and you took it out beating on it and BOOM! You'd be pi$$ed. The dyno on the AP is not accurate. I have a stage 2 protune and I'm at 294 awhp, so I doubt you have that at stage 1. You are roughly, and I mean roughly around 260 awhp right now with an ots map.
Also be careful your boost doesn't spike too high and then you will get boost creep and possibly throw a code. If it gets more than 1.5 peak psi higher than what Cobb says it should, you should switch to the lwg map.
Maybe this will help. States some of what you need to know.

This is for stock intakes:

This is for AEM and Cobb intakes:

arcticscythe 01-23-2014 11:26 AM


/Overly-Simplified/The stage 1 OTS tune is designed to modify the power band and increase peak horsepower lower in the RPM range, It does so by increasing the boost levels and slightly decreasing/Leaning the AFR. it closes the wastegate earlier in the RPM range and allows the turbo to spool for longer. this produces more peak PSI and more power lower in the RPM range. Lots of drivers report more audible turbo spooling sound and a more useful power band. /Over-Simplified/

Depending on the octane you selected 16.5 is the target boost with a 93 octane stage 1 tune based on cobbs map notes [url][/url] Peak numbers and median numbers are very different, if you are running the car hard and it only peaks above 16.5 once I wouldn't worry myself with that but if it is regularly higher that the target boost i would suggest the Low Wastegate Map.

TLDR, Dont worry about the extra boost unless it becomes a regular occurrence. if you want to feel better about it you can use a LWG map available on cobbs website. that should lower your boost levels to within "safe" levels.

Sub14WRX 01-23-2014 11:49 AM

Thanks guys, also spoke with my local tuner shop. He said 16.8 would be normal with the Cobb Stage 1 as well as you guys. It only peaked 17.4 once throughout my driving for the hour of testing it out.

I'll def do some logs and keep checking! But if 16.5 is normal, I am not as worried as I was.

arcticscythe 01-23-2014 11:59 AM

Glad we could put your mind at ease, Just don't get complacent and be sure to log regularly.

14WRX 03-08-2014 07:47 AM

For the guys that have it, does it really make much difference for around the town driving? Does the boost kick in lower in the rpm range?

Sub14WRX 03-08-2014 06:35 PM

Well in my honest opinion, the boost didn't kick in at at a lower RPM. All the tune did was boost up the boost to a higher PSI. Now with the Stage 1 + Intake, yes you feels the Boost spool quicker in low RPM's.

14WRX 03-09-2014 09:00 PM

[quote=Sub14WRX;439882]Well in my honest opinion, the boost didn't kick in at at a lower RPM. All the tune did was boost up the boost to a higher PSI. Now with the Stage 1 + Intake, yes you feels the Boost spool quicker in low RPM's.[/quote]

Thanks I am thinking of either the AEM or Cobb intake someday. Just not sure which one yet.

Sub14WRX 03-16-2014 06:31 PM

[quote=14WRX;440042]Thanks I am thinking of either the AEM or Cobb intake someday. Just not sure which one yet.[/quote]

My tuner recommended the Cobb SF Intake.
You can go AEM but it is a CAI not a SRI. With the CAI you have to worry about water getting sucked in from the filter from puddles.

14WRX 03-16-2014 09:24 PM

How deep do those puddles have to be? I just like the idea of it getting cool air out of the engine bay. Not worth sucking up water, but I'm not lowered and don't plan on being. I will do some more research. I had a Cobb short ram in my old car and liked it just fine too.

arewmors 03-17-2014 05:06 AM

You would have to submerge the filter completely in a large puddle I would have to say, while driving. Even your stock intake gets a little water through it and it doesn't effect anything. I currently have the AEM on my car and had an AEM on a past daily driver and I've never had a problem. I don't seek out giant deep puddles to drive through. The filter is pretty tucked in behind the inner fender wall. I personally don't think you have a problem unless maybe if you're doing some hard core off roading through creeks and giant mud puddles, then your could have an issue.

14WRX 03-17-2014 10:46 AM

Thanks for the reply!

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