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shaner6868 01-17-2014 05:52 PM

2002 WRX idle and ghost misfire fixed but check logs please
Hey everyone so i am new to Subaru's but I must say I love it. I picked up a 2002 wrx and have had a few minor issues, however i did some basic maintenance and i think it indirectly cured the issues. However I did some pulls and have included them. I will give a full description.

Car: 2002 WRX 5 speed
171k miles
engine is stock
Group N tranny mounts
Exedy OEM cluth kit with ACT streetlight flywheel (14.5 lbs i think)

Original issue: Car would take 2-3 seconds to start and had thrown p0301-04 (misfire on all 4 cylinders) prior to all maintenance but never felt like there were actual misfires. At idle after warming up it would show some hesitation randomly then return to normal. Under load the car ran great (from feeling). Then I did the following maintenance:

I just completed checking for vacuum leaks, cleaning the injectors, MAF, IACV, TB, and replacing spark plugs (NGK copper at .030"), fuel filter, oil and filter (all in last 200 miles).

Now the car seems to be running better except there is a weird decel noise which if I have researched correctly comes from a combination of the lightweight flywheel and exedy clutch. They cause noise but mechanically are fine. Also i think the flywheel was the cause for the misfire codes. I just want a review of these logs to see if everything looks good.

I included an idle, 2nd WOT, 3rd WOT, and slight cruise log (nothing to important) I also included a learning view and video of the decel sound (which goes away when clutch is in)


Any input is appreciated

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