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Ryan510 02-06-2014 05:44 PM

slipping clutch?
so i was driving through my friends yard, got stuck, tried rocking it back and forth but got nowhere. finally got out, let it cool down for a little while i checked everything over then i took them for a ride in it because they had never been. did a launch and first gear was fine, then shifted to second and felt it slipping. then got a strong whiff of burnt clutch. could this be a destroyed clutch and need to be replaced, or something that could happen just because it got so hot, and maybe will be fine once it cools down? after i shifted from second to third it didn't do it, or at least as noticeable. it also didn't slip when i was cruising and then got on it in the same gear. i did this because on my dirt bikes, when the clutch is bad, it will slip in every gear when you get on it, without shifting. any help?

PROImportTuners 02-06-2014 06:13 PM

Clutches can definitely overheat and slip after prolonged severe use.

"Launching" these cars is especially stressful on the drivetrain components and can easily overheat the clutch.

Repetitive overheating greatly reduces the friction capacity of the clutch disc and creates harder "Blue" spots on the flywheel and pressure plate surface that can lead to harsh engagement, slipping and chatter.

From your description of use I would definitely recommend replacing the clutch and flywheel when you can. Although it may be working again now that everything has cooled down, clutch friction surfaces are like brake rotors; once you overheat them severely they will deteriorate in effectiveness much quicker than normal.

arcticscythe 02-07-2014 02:01 PM

Car clutches are very similar to bike clutches. Cars are just alot more work to replace. Your assumption is right, if your clutch was severely damaged/burnt/glazed you would be slipping in all gears not just second. you probably notice it more in 1-2 because you are accustomed to a bit more of a jerk when shifting and quickly lifting off the clutch pedal. that signature burnt clutch smell just means that it got too hot, in most normal driving conditions it doesnt warrant immediate replacement but be careful with it and monitor it, when it comes time to replace the clutch i would very strongly recommend doing the flywheel aswell. tons of clutch heat also mean tons of flywheel heat and it can cause the flywheel to lose its surface.

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