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Uselessmark 02-10-2013 01:32 PM

Rear diff junk? or just cv shaft?
i went off the road the other week in my 03 wrx due to some black ice ended up ass upp a big snowbank/rock wal with nose in a ditch... after getting out driving a bit i relized i really blew my right rear shock and mount along with my RR cv shaft. not the shaft is broken not on the wheel side but the diff side. it literally slides in and out of the diff case now. having it on lift today showed me that you can wigle the cv shaft up down left right alot and it wont clip back into the diff. also it seems as tho the whole gear system inside the case are moving free floating to. the car drives fairly fine still but has annoying whine around 40-50 mph depending on how your pressing the throttle. is my diff supposed to be that free floating design or is she trash. i got video of it on my phone just gotta figure out how to post it on here.

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