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rex0601 03-12-2014 10:24 AM

problems with new clutch and pulloff
Two weeks ago i installed a new clutch and kit.i bought a advance brand made by zoom that was oem due to the fact its my dd and they couldnt get a exedy or anything else in a decent time.the clutch has a lifetime warrenty.i had my buddy who owns a shop put it in.this clutch is way softer then the other and has got a little better over problem is that when pulling out anywhere from a stop the car wants to die if you dont rev it to 2-3k or ride the clutch a little.this been a new clutch i really dont want to glaze it by riding it constantley.would raising the idle with the ap help this any? The car is stage 2 and protuned thus the reason for the advance brand.

Bubba James 03-12-2014 11:15 AM

Had mine replaced when I first got my wrx. It was the same way. Wanted to die and started shuddering every take-off. It's completely normal. Give it 500-700 miles and it will get better. There are some faster break-in methods that require you damn-near redlining first gear a bunch, but I personally wouldn't recommend any of that jazz. Just keep cruising and it'll get better. As far as raising the idle; I'm not too sure if that will do anything, as you'll still have to be at about 2k to get moving. You'll just have less throttle travel when doing such. Plus, shifting into first at higher constant revs has always been a no bueno for me.

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rex0601 03-12-2014 11:34 AM

I was hopeing it would get better.maybe just needed time to seat.yea im not all about the quicker way when it comes to 1000$.ill just take the time.thanks for the info

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