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Santino 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Hey guys,

I've had my shifter in for a week now, and I'm curious... My dad did the install, and when he put the new part in, he forgot how the old one was (which side in) so he took a guesstimate, so now I'm driving around, and I feel i really have to force it in, also, it's really easy to get into 2nd and 4th gears, but hard in 1st, 3rd, and 5th... Is it in incorrectly????? <IMG SRC="images/smilies/icon_confused.gif">

Gerlando 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Did he install the bushings as well? If it's just the shifter you can pull the console cover off and check. Make sure the shifter lever angles back from the bolt holding it on.

If he installed the bushings as well he might have simply over torqued the nut holding things together. This should loosen over time as the bushings wear in.

mikeWRX 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

If 1st, 3rd and 5th gear put the shifter REALLY close to the center console then he put the thing in backwards. Just remove the pivot bolt, turn the shifter 180 degrees and reinstall the pivot bolt.

nekard 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Does anyone else with the Kartboy shifter like it? Are the bushing hard to install?

mikeWRX 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

I have it and love it. One of the best $125 mods you can do. The bushing install was easier than the shifter install IMHO. Took about 30 minutes to install the bushings. There is a writeup on this in the mods section of this site.

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Gerlando 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

I'd agree that it's one of the best low cost mods you can do. Honestly I didn't feel as big a difference with the bushings as some people have, but it took 15 minutes MAX to install so why not...

Santino 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

To answer, the top gears 1,3,5 don't put the shifter close to the console.... the lever is in correctly. I'm now in trouble because I can't shift into 5th gear on the first try... I have to attempt it, reset the lever to neutral, and then throw it into 5th again... UGH!!!! I'm gonna have to get it looked at, not sure what to do but that... Thanks for the input guys.

Gerlando 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Good luck Santino! Let us know what you find. My guess would be the shifter bushings have too much torque on them.

Santino 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Finally fixed it yesterday, and it turned out that the darn washer was on backwards, so it was hitting the linkage... Just got the wrench and turned it around with a little help from friends, and now I'm back to secure shifting, no worries about putting her in fifth! Thanks for all the support!

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