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phast 10-09-2002 09:23 PM

i need a clutch
After 27k miles, my stock clutch has finally started to slip. It happens in 3rd gear and up. Right when I come onto boost, the tach will jump to 5k and hold till the clutch grabs again.

I think I'll try another stock clutch and see how long it lasts. I'm too scared/broke to try something stronger for fear of messing up the tranny.

Stock clutch and pressure plate can be had for $199+shipping at [url][/url]

Natoforces 10-10-2002 09:44 AM

Try an ACT! clutch. I understand they are rock solid. I wouldn't go back to the stock clutch. You shouldn't have any tranny issues with a stronger clutch, just a better hookup. ;)

Push2 10-11-2002 12:33 AM

I'd go with the stocker. Just because they are cheaper to replace. It wouldnt hurt to change your pressure plate tho:)

DJSpaghetto69 10-23-2002 09:29 AM

I would say go with a Clutch Master Clutch Package. I did a Stage 2 and a Lightened flywheel on my Civic and nothing felt more sublime that that setup. TThere was minimal play in the clutch, no slipping, and allowed the most aggressive shifting. The only 2 problems I would know of would be drive trainshock with high RPM drops (kiss you diffs goodbuy if you do that, been there done that). Also, its VERY difficult to modulate when it has been over heated. The only time this has happened to me was in a 3 hour stop and go situation under heavy load (car full of peeps and crap). All in all, one of the best investments you can make.

Wickedwrxwagon 10-25-2002 01:13 PM

Try the ACT 2100. Its a good street/ strip clutch. One of the 2 WRX's I work on blew the clutch after only 8,000 miles, yes only 8,000 miles on the car. Only mods are a turbo-back and K&N filter. He's much happier with the clutch response now that he has the 2100. If you drive hard, you'd better upgrade.

TWS 12-03-2002 01:21 AM

ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate & Street/Strip Disc- with the Exedy Lightened Flywheel...

Since you're already doin the clutch, you might as well save yourself the money on labor and install the make a big difference. cheap=buy twice ;)

Gerlando 12-03-2002 01:28 PM

That's a bummer. I'd say get an aftermarket clutch and flywheel, unless you enjoy swapping every 27k miles.

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