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Gerlando 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Welcome to the Club :)

I hear a lightened flywheel does wonders for helping the WRX engine spin up faster, but I think I'm going to wait until I'm no longer under warrantee before messing with my tranny components.

So you say you sell Subaru's? Do you work for a dealer?

nekard 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Work for a dealer? (not to sound repetative) I just need a couple of things left for my car and if you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. If not anyway, Welcome to the board! Always nice to have new members.

nekard 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Email me sometime at We can talk then. Hope to hear from ya soon.

jlevy 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

SCC had a brief aricle on the effect of a lightened flywheel a couple months back. Of course the lower the gear, the greater the difference. In the example in the article, the acceleration difference was the equivalent of a ~200 pound weight reduction in first gear.

I've had light weight steel flywheels in a 1st gen 13B RX-7 and a 2nd gen turbo RX-7 and have to agree with you, it makes a big difference.

-my dos centavos on the subject

nekard 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

How much does the stock weigh in compared to the lightened one. Now the same principle that applies to rims applies here. The fact that the upspun weight and centripital force will increase the amount of force therefor making a difference in performance.

Shawn 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

I know a stock WRX flywheel is 25lbs, I've seen aftermarket one as low as 9 lbs. That would make an insane difference. I also have seen several that weigh 12lbs. I'll do the 9 pounder when ever I kill my clutch. Hopefully that won't be too soon cause I'm broke. lol


nekard 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

25lbs?! You have got to be kidding me! That is an absolute insane weight. You are right in that the 9lb flywheel would make the car accelerate a lot faster. Might not need the turbo but ya would still keep it around for the sound! :lol:

LinuxRacr 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

I did the same thing with my MP3 when I got the engine swapped. The Fidanza makes quite a difference, and the ACT Clutch holds true.

nekard 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Can you info me on what the FS-ZE Engine is, stats and such? Never heard of it before especially for a Mazda. Thanks!

imprezawd 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

Fidanza Flywheel & Act Clutch!! WOW
Whats Up Club STi!!
This will be my first post!!. I am a member of RS club & I club!!

I got my flywheel, clutch and tranny mount installed and man what a difference!! I really hope to break into the 14's all motor!! Well i highly recomend this for the GC8's. I sell Subarus and know about wrx's as well, just i dont know How big of a difference that a flywheel makes on a WRX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love mine!! :evil: :lol: 8)

imprezawd 12-31-1969 07:00 PM

nekard ?? what u need
whats up man
what do u need?? Just wondering I might be able to help u out!!!!!!

To bad u dont live in my area!!!!!!!

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