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jackblack 02-17-2013 08:32 PM

07 WRX Issues
Ok I have an 07 WRX Automatic. I've noticed here lately that when I first take off in my car whether it's early in the morning or late at night I have a horrible sound coming from what sounds like my axles. It makes a loud knocking sound until I get up to speed and then it clears out and doesn't make anymore noise. It's more noticeable when I drop the car down into first and shift it myself rather then just driving it in Drive. I thought maybe it was only doing it when my car was still warming up, but it still does it even once the car is warmed up. I've read some of the post on here about center diffs going out and it kind of sounds like they had the same issues, but I just wanted to throw my version out and see if its a good possibilty that it is. Could it still be savable if I did a fluid exchange on everything or is it possible that it could be too far a long that a fluid exchange wouldn't do anything. I want to take it to the dealer to get it checked, but of course they charge the crap out of you just to check something like that not to mention to fix it.

FYI: I have checked the front axle boots and neither are cracked or split, but I haven't checked any of the rear axles to see if the sound could be coming from them

pzr2874 02-18-2013 05:39 AM

Only way to tell if it's the diffs is to chk the fluid for shards, pieces of metal. Have you changed the fluid out recently? When's the last time you did the fluids?

jackblack 02-18-2013 01:25 PM

I havent't changed the diff fluid since i got the car 2 years ago. I still check it often, but i haven't changed it since. I'll try to drain it today if the weather stays good long enough for me today after work. On my way to work today i tried seeing if it would make the npise when i would get on it fron a roll and a dead stop on a straight away and it did with both so im starting to wonder if it might just be an axle thats gone bad but not showing signs of a torn boot or anything. I know i had an axle go out one time on my honda i use to have and it sounded like the same but my boot was also split and worn down so i dont know.

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