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I got my wrx after a year of searxhing for a car. My decision was based off reliability, cost, and pleasure which means fast.

I was planning on looking for a bmw 535xi. it is awd and twin turbo and luxury. But with the bmw I would have to go used and I was seeing prices around 30k for between 50k-60k miles on them. Thats when I told myself maybe luxury isnt for me especially with maintenance cost and bmw ridiculous prices on parts.

So I turned to trying to find a used evo 10. Found a couple under 30k with low miles but previous owners had some ridiculous mods done. So those were out the question. So I kept looking for an stock evo and at the same time I was watching review videos on youtube and all types of evo videos that popped up.

Thats when I came across a video where they review reasonable priced awd turbo cars. They had a evo 10 gsr, subaru wrx, and vw golf-r (I think). The golf was the least powerful with around 200hp so that wasnt even a thought. Evo 290hp I wanted one but then I was listening to the subaru wrx 265hp awd turbo and to me it looked good 2011+ (I didnt like the 08 body style) so I started watching videos on the wrx and comparing it to an sti. (Sti out of the question because I just couldnt stretch my money enough to be able to afford the car payments plus insurance)

After watching all those youtube videos on the wrx (which included smurfinwrx) I fell in love and especially with the wagon

So that when I started looking for a brand new one. I was aiming for the base model which msrp was around 26k.

You know when a fat kid is denied his sugary sweets how he would commit murder. That how I felt. I called a hand full of dealers in NYC and all I was hearing was one of the following: didnt have any in stock/no wagons/already have down payments on them by other buyers/ordering one would take a few months....

Thats when I found a dealership in long island that had 3 wagons in stock but they were two premium and a limited so I went with the cheapest of the 3. Silver wrx premium with navi for $30,800

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I know I wrote a lot ^^^^^ lol

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I was working as a temp doing some drywall for a shipping warehouse. On break I saw my 1st glimpse at a bugeye sedan in a Motor Trend. The 1st thing that caught my eye was the numbers. 5.4sec. 0-60, 1/4mi 14.2 sec, top speed 150+,for 24,000-26,000$. At the time,nothing even came close at that price. I mean this pug-ugly 4-door was blowing the doors off most of the cars I lusted after in high school. 70's Trans-am,Z-28,IROC-Z,Chevelle SS,Boss Mustang and so on. All of witch has hood scoops and wings. I loved hood scoops and wings. Especially if they were functional.

But I was only a temp making minimum wage so I forgot about the pipe dream of ever owning a new car.

Then a few months later I got a good job that payed well and the search for a new car began. At 1st I was looking for a used Toyota Celica All-trac turbo,AKA GT-4.(still love to get my hands on one) But lets face it, by 2002 all of them were scattered to the 4 winds and in sad shape. So the search continued.

For the next year I test drove and researched every sports car under $30,000 I could find. GTI,RSX type-S,350-Z,Tiburon-GT and so on. The RSX type-S came close but the insurance was crazy high and I really wanted awd or rwd. So,I looked at the subie again. But look was all I could do because there wasn't a subie dealer in town. I could only shop on the weekend and the nearest subie dealer was closed weekends. Besides, Why would I want such an ugly 4-door? Meanwhile, Richard Burns, Petter Solberg and Tommi Mäkinen were dominating the WRC in their Subies.

So I decided on a WRX but I couldn't get past the looks. I waited until March of 03 so I could get a look at the 04's on the lot side by side. HOLLY CRAP! Somehow they made even uglier! They gave it a snow shovel for a hood scoop that doesn't match any line on the car,made the seats too big and put the tach in the wrong place.

Well,form follows function I always say,otherwise,not 1 Porsche 911 from '68 to'93 would have been sold! I found the nearest Subie dealer that was open on Saturdays(over 100mi away!) On the test drive I got into a street race and airborne. It handled both very well so I picked an '03 WR-blue pearl WRX. and never looked back. To this day this car never ceases to amaze me. I will only get rid of it when someone pries it from my cold dead hands.
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All right, where is the distributor cap? I need to find the #1 plug wire to hook up my SUN machine.
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I hardly ever see them. I've always loved the rumble sound of these cars since I was little. When they came out with the 3rd gen hatch I fell in love. I finally drove one and that sealed the deal. I had to have it.

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Got bit by the Subaru bug back in Junior high school, I remember hearing it sitting on the curb in front of school. It was different than anything I had ever seen and I had to have one. Fast forward 10, almost 11 years and Ive finally been able to save enough and afford a new WRX. I was looking for something fast and fun that was also responsible and understated enough that I could drive around with grandma. I still feel the same joy every time I walk into the parking lot and see my WRX, 6 months after my purchase.

PS. Weird feeling but the day I signed for my WRX I was driving it home and I caught myself thinking how cool it would be to give this car to my kids ( I'm not even married yet : / )
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I bought mine because it was a 22B. Ill keep that till the day i die and hopefully my son will appreciate it when i hand it down to him
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