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mickeymxl81 02-22-2013 11:15 AM

Theoretical Subaru Supercar Build Ideas
Wats up...well Im one of those guys who likes to think up some crazy build ideas and see if it is theoretically possible, mostly because when I take my adderall I think of some crazy shit and since im an engineering tech and draft drawings for a living I actually start my own CAD blueprints just for the geeky fun of it...Well I have been toying with the Idea of a Subaru Supercar. My idea is to take an old Pontiac Fiero GT and convert it into a kit car with a subaru inspired look and powertrain...I have the Stock Fiero modeled out of Mudbox and Im thinking of the best engine/transmission combination to model and possibly build sometime. My requirements are stock engine/ stock transmission combination placed in a rear engine rear drive platform with a basic horsepower between 250 to 300 hp that can be upgraded to a maximum hp of 500 to 600 hp. So far the idea for the transmission is to use the Front wheel axles for the drive and block the rear drive with a free gear and plate system much like people use in sandrail/buggy configurations. I know I would prefer Manual Transmission but am worried about how the linkage for the shifter would work and in leui would an automatic transmission be less of a hassle? Another one is what type Engine to start with? Here is a list of my ideas:
1. EJ257/Sti transmission (obviously)
2. EJ255/ WRX transmission
3. EJ205/ WRX transmission
4. EG33/ WRX transmission (my fave bc its cheapest idea)
5. EZ30/ WRX transmission
6. EZ36/ WRX transmission(largest subaru motor by displacement)

I also would like twin turbo ideas and what kind of turbos would be easy and most powerful for these type engines.
ALL IDEAS ARE WELCOME!!! I love cars and any suggestions would be appreciated!!

pzr2874 02-22-2013 11:45 AM

A moneypit... I know this much... lol

Sorry, I don't have anything to add. Useful anyways.

brfatal 02-22-2013 12:36 PM

A Subaru engine is the wrong platform if you're wanting to build up power without a enduring a ton grief. As cool as it would sound, a V8 is far more suited, and this is why most kit cars are designed for them.

mosc 02-22-2013 12:57 PM

There's only one subaru engine you can really beat the crap out of, the EJ22T. You want fantasy, take one of those and throw away the heads. Build it up with a modern top end and ECU (EJ205 donor if you are using a DBC car is a must), intercooler, turbo, etc. Bolts up to any Subaru transmission. You can use the 4EAT if your layout requires it, it's not that bad with a good torque converter on it.

Haw1es 02-22-2013 01:03 PM

Theoretical Subaru Supercar Build Ideas
This thing sounds like its going to be a monster!

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mickeymxl81 02-22-2013 02:00 PM

The reason I chose the Fiero GT platform for the structure build is because its easy to find and very cheap. Other rear engine platforms like the Toyota MR2 are more rare and the engine compartment is much smaller. I owned a 1988 Pontiac Fiero back in 2001 and it had a 4 cylinder but as I can remember very well when I started changing the transmission in it when it went bad was the space was large enough to fit just about anything you can cram in there. There are conversions for a Caddilac Northstar engine that I, being a Cadillac lover, would consider but the availability and cost of a good northstar is expensive and northstar engines are DNR when they go bad. Another reason I chose Fiero GT is because of the many body kits available to make this car look like anything from a Lambo to a Ferrari F40 so the aerodynamic body panels would be easy to obtain and modify. My view is if the engine compartment is big enough for a northstar then for sure it can be modified for at least an EJ series engine with transmission. Look at this build from the point of view that you already have a Pontiac Fiero GT with the powertrain stripped, an unlimited knowledge of metal fabrication, an unlimited amount of tools and metal supply. If the idea of the rear of the transmission possibly getting in the way because of the length is too much consider the possibility of adding a hewland transmission in the mix. There are dogboxes of all types that can be fitted to subaru motors such as Hewland, Mueller and Quaife transaxles. Please keep responding I like all ideas and debates!!

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