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Subaru BRZ vs Volkswagen GTI - Video

[quote][B]Another chapter is the Toyobaru versus saga[/B]
[I]by David Pratte[/I]

There’s a phenomena in the automotive press right now that could be called “Toybaru vs”. It’s kind of like that TV show Shaq vs, but instead of pitting a retired basketball superstar against various athletes from other fields, it puts the amazing little Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ against just about anything with four wheels that an enthusiast-driver with $25k to spend might consider a viable option.

I’ve contributed to this head-to-head bonanza on more than one occasion, including FR-S versus Hyundai Genesis 2.0T coupe and BRZ versus Honda Civic Si HFP shootouts. Other notable comparos from around the interwebs include the FR-S vs a used Porsche Boxster and an FR-S vs a Volkswagen GTI. The latter concluded that the GTI was not only easier to drive fast but was actually quicker around the track. Blasphemy!

And not just because pro racing driver Randy Pobst was 2-seconds quicker in a BRZ than a GTI around the very same track as the aforementioned comparo, but also because I’ve spent a lot of time track testing and racing Scion FR-Ss and Subaru BRZs and it seemed utterly preposterous to me to suggest that an understeer-champion like the GTI could ever hold a candle to the sublime little Toybaru in a contest of speed that involves actual changes in direction. [/quote]

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