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hipo_wrx 10-26-2004 02:32 AM

skyline GTR
i had a few questions, what boost amount do they run? what turbo's? any additional info about this kind of stuff i would really appreciate, thanks!

WRXtreme 10-26-2004 06:21 AM

How are you getting one of these?? I've heard there are only a handful on the east coast.

Rain_Racer 10-26-2004 09:28 AM

not that it really means much, but my Skyline GTR in gran turisimo 3 has 1003 Horsepower, and my JDM STi wagon only has 540 that is with purchasing every upgrade.

pretty sure there are some sick upgrade paths if you have the money for a skyline...

Cosmo 10-26-2004 09:49 AM

The stock R34 Skylines are rated at 271 hp, but that is due to a regulation in Japan that no car manufacturer will produce a car that makes more than 271 hp. That regulation is loosely enforced if at all. It is not uncommon for Japanes cars to dyno 350 hp stock.

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hipo_wrx 10-26-2004 12:31 PM

if i was to get one there is a company called Motorex, they import all years from '89 to '02 and GTS to The Vspec (2f2f was thiers), but i want more info on them. the only way i could get one is if i payed my rex off, still wanted one and then sold the rex, and used the cash on the loan for say a mid year. Also for thier handfulness here, theres one in ross somewhere, built like crazy and he gets his work done at Raceline on 747. i could not tell its exact location but i know a few kids who have been there to see it at the guys house.

thanks for lettin me know about that cosmo! didnt know they had a restriction.

Cosmo 10-26-2004 12:53 PM

Motorex has a pretty good selection, but their prices are insane. Of course, they do the required bumper modifications to make them legal for registering in the US, if that matters to you...


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bluesnow 10-26-2004 04:43 PM

The 271 is a gentlemans law in japan actually.

bah14 10-26-2004 04:53 PM

[QUOTE=bluesnow]gentlemans law[/QUOTE]


jwtarbaj 10-26-2004 10:43 PM


Years ago the Japanese carmakers got together and agreed not to make a car with more than 271hp to avoid hp wars. Now every car is rated 271 or less. The STi, Evo, Skyline and many others have made more than that for a long time but still get rated at 271.

hipo_wrx 10-27-2004 01:29 AM

i never seen more than a 280 rating

hipo_wrx 10-27-2004 01:33 AM

oh and the price is for all thier paperwork ,epa reg. ,and DOT. basically to do it yourself it would take a @$$load of money. if not more.

Bosnian 10-27-2004 04:38 AM

well on of mine friends looked into purchasing a R34 Skyline GTR Vspec2 from japan and ship it here to California. Then to Motorex to legalize it. So far it would take 2 months to get it from Japan and 7 months at Motorex to legalize it with all the paperwor etc... But also $28K for the Skyline and another $50K+ for Motorex. Which totals to $80K (+,-)

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