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hipo_wrx 10-19-2004 12:26 AM

odd turbo engine for other build up
i got my 69 tempest im keepin away in the garage, it came stock with its PONTIAC 350 (i have two). these engines have rarly been used for performance because of thier small bores, causing an inability to breath despite the ability to be bored .090 over without checking. then cast out into the scrap heaps for bigger bore brothers (389-455 ci). so my idea cure is turbo. i decided this year to do what i feel with the car so its gonna be one mean machine with a stock looking body and close to stock interior ( ever been smoked by a granny car??)

well my Q is, should i go twins or one good sized single? and recently holley released turbo carburators able to handle 28lbs of boost. they come with hats already too. but i was thinking throttle body injection or efi. i know barely anything on TBI so i dont know if thier structure is ideal for turbo's. plus if im not mistaken efi is the simplest to tune. i done have plans to make sure the rest of the engine is ready for heavy boost. thanks for any input!!

Cosmo 10-19-2004 07:49 AM

Well, with small bores, chances are they have a long stroke. That usually means a pretty high static compression ratio. I would just put a better cam in it, some good heads, a good intake/carb and be done with it. I have a 350 SBC in my 67 Camaro I am considering turbocharging, but it's a pain in the ass. And parts for SBC's are MUCH easier to come by than Pontiac parts.

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hipo_wrx 10-19-2004 11:47 AM

believe it or not both my stock 350 and my spare from a 71 lemans are listed to about the same Compression ratios i think the stocker is listed at 8.0 and the spare is around there. i would say the spare has the lesser . and the stroke is a bit longer then normal at 3.75in. most of what ive seen on the internet, books, magazines a pontiac 350 never made more than 350 hp with a well build. i had only read a companys ranting to find that one of thier well backed 474 stoker 455's was beat out by one mean 350 pontiac. but it supplied no info or even a hint to how.

my hope was for the entire suspension to become all global west, then eventually a C4 independent rear. have the car sitting low on say 17's or if they'll fit, 18's. then have a 5spd OD behind the old pontiac motor, turning 3.23 gears. but i want the engine to be efficiant,powerful and well built. basically a pro touring car. so Its gotta be fast,good at handling, and good looking. even if it's gonna be Antique gold with a Cameo white top.

chuckwagon 10-19-2004 11:53 AM

your probably looking at some serious coin going into this car but it sounds like it would make an awesome sleeper I think you should do it

hipo_wrx 10-20-2004 01:42 AM

ive decided to start payin down my rex so i have more money in like 1 1/2 to two years. thanks for the !Thumbs Up ive had this car since my father bought it for me at 14, when i was 15 he ran the engine hot and killed it. its had one sweet 400 in it since. but untill that time comes ill be collecting little stuff for her.

ive Cried over this car, i care more for it than anything so when it comes time to build, money is no worry as long as its right. Then comes the infamous Volare ( yes the design that almost destroyed chrysler). but the rex will always get plenty of my loving, its only one of two imports i really like. but in say 10 years if im done with my wants on these three and have a house, it'll be Skyline time... :D

btw do ya'll think a diesel turbo is workable for this project? ive seen a turbo build from the 70's on a /6 but cant remember if thats what the guy used

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