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not a good night

so was Halloween so im chillin at a buddys playing some games drinking no big deal. Herd a truck pull up didnt think anything of it hear it leave no big deal. Next mourning go out to my car and someone kicked in my rear quarter panel. To the point were it might not be able to be straitend and filled. Im going to college for auto body so ik the extent of the damage. But i mean who does that the shop estimate was $800 if it could be filled if not around $1500 and my insurance might not even cover it. felt the need to vent
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That's so messed up man! That's the crappiest incident I've ever heard of. I've had that happen to a couple of my friends and for no reason at all! Hope your insurance covers it!
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My friend's car got keyed (over like 90% of it) inside the secured parking lot at the nuclear plant I work at. Apparently someone was cheating on their wife and she found out and the guy drove the exact same car as him, she was at work (every important dude gets his wife hired) and she decided to take it out on "his" car. My friend was very unhappy, insurance did not cover it because they said they don't cover cosmetic damage.

I will never understand random destruction of property. If someone wants to mess with my car they should at least attempt to steal something. One time I had a guy steal my car stereo so I put the stock one in and he came back and stole that one. Next time he came back I didn't have a stereo so he ripped off half my backseat trying to get into my trunk (guess he's never heard of a trunk release lever) and he stole my paintball gear. Ever since then I keep pretty much nothing in my car when I'm in an urban area.

Just thought you might want to know you aren't alone, good luck with getting your car fixed.

2009 STi - Cobb Stage 2
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I had some punk key my pretty brand new WRX a little over a month ago... I'm not sure why some people are like that, but just needed something to stick out and say "Hey, I'm a nice car" so dude went with 3 real deep scratches right under the driver's side door handle. I haven't lived in TX for more than a year and all I see are 2wd massive Ford trucks with not a drop of dirt on them... Then something like this is just enough to piss me off! haha. I get coverage but a $200 deductible out of the $460 total damage. Three scratches! Now I heard from the "detective" whom I reported it to that the video that has this guy doing the damage does not include his license plate and is "insufficient evidence" to prosecute anyone or find the identity. Don't they have the ability to watch him in the store (because I know they have good footage of him leaving and circling around to mess up my car) and flip through photos of local known idiots to match him up? LOL, this is just bad how people act. I'd rather laugh because I think of bad things when I'm mad, so laugh it off, fix it, and keep a keen eye out for that black sedan! Or in OP's case, the truck who can't stand your car is faster than his Dad's :P Best of luck learning how to fix it at school!
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well my isurance will not cover it for some bs reason so looks like ima fix it myself estimate from a shop ran me about what i figured. Im glad they didnt break in i have $600 kenwood touch screen with. kicker speakers all around, 2 12in kenwood subs with 1800watt kenwood amp. as well as autometer boost gauge 3 prosport gauges and a aem eugo. that woulda been a huge steel
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yea thats shitty....I hate when people take shit out on cars...if you have a problem with me...please take it up with me like a man instead of taking it out on my car like a coward. It would be worth them doing it if you could catch them doing it...

so stock its not even funny...just kinda sad :(
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Sorry to hear about that. I agree with everyone else, it sucks when someone is sneaky like that. When I was in college some broke into my car and stole 2 12" MTX subs, 3 MTX amps, an Alpine Deck, and about 200 CD's!! Learned my lesson quickly, You cant trust anyone. Good luck with the body work!
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