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Swift Suba 10-26-2004 04:27 PM

Funk Flex Car Show we WON
Whats up guys,
Our shop had entered 3 cars in the Funk Flex Show in Hartford Ct. on Saturday, and we pulled it out and took home 3 First Place trophies!!!! !Thumbs Up !Thumbs Up !Thumbs Up
Our Jetta won BEST EUROPEAN, Our Newly Turbo’d 2002 Neon (SRT4 Eater) won BEST DOMESTIC TUNER and our Supercharged Civic on Air Bags took home BEST 2000-2004 HONDA. The competition was fierce, but EVERYONE’S hard work paid off!!! There was a HEAVY flow of traffic around all three cars all day and all the spectators were very impressed. All of the cars at the show were great competition.

You can check out the pics here if you want to [url][/url] More pics will be put up in a day or 2.....

Our next Big projects are twin turbo G35 and a Twin Turbo 350Z :D ;) Ill post pics when we get em.

bah14 10-26-2004 04:35 PM


Swift Suba 10-27-2004 03:37 PM

Thanks man, there was some pretty stiff competition...and omg..the girls were deffintily out in full force. !Thumbs Up It was defintily a tight show, and the concert was good too..
50 Cent, Fat Joe, JadaKiss..pretty good stuff :eek:

djplayboy 10-27-2004 05:54 PM

congrats man!!!!

Swift Suba 10-28-2004 01:01 PM


I just posted a few more pics of the show..Check em out on the site. !Thumbs Up

There were no Subarus there though.....I shoulda rolled mine in outta the parkin lot. Probably woulda won best Subie, lol. I just found out, another civic we had worked on but didnt roll with our shop won BEST 89-91 Civic at the same show. :D

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