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bad grocerygetter 07-01-2012 12:44 PM

found a great road if you are every in oklahoma
this was a road i stumbled on to on our way to the elk river in nole, mo. this weekend. it was dark on the way down so i made it a point to go back that way and make a little video of a good portion of the curvy parts of the road. if anyone is interested its hwy 20 between spavinaw, and salina. the speed limit is 55 almost the whole way, i never went faster than that, even though i really wanted to. i just dont know that road at all so i wasnt willing to push it too hard. you guys can take a look if you want. i had a great time.

[ame=]Wrx wagon on a fun road - YouTube[/ame]

sorry for the lower quality video, i didnt know that my wife had her phone set to record in 480 res.

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