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first car you put real money in to go vroom??!!

ill go first. found this and made me smile haha, i mean laugh

Hell how many have you had too? in only 12 years im up to...

1. 94 Plymouth Duster, subs and sound, thanks mom and dad
2. 93 Delsol, the bug begins
3. 99 Civic SI, ZEX NOS 75 shot then t3/t4 turbo running 285whp, drag car, fully gutted 2000lb, still might be faster then my 11.
3. 91 Integra, DD
4. 93 Civic hatch 1.5 40+ mpg , DD
5. 80-90 Chrysler New Yorker, good winter beater haha
6. 93 Delsol, bought because of old memories
7. 99 Ram quad dr 1500 4x2, work, haul, DD
8. 01 Audi A6 2.7 twin turbo 6sp, DD
9. 99 Dodge Stratus, mint! 240,000k, thanks mom
10. 01 F150 4x4 4dr DD
11. 04 Accord DD
12. 08 Ram 1500 4dr Hemi 4x4 first new! , race bike hauler
13. 07 Chevy 2500 cargo van, race bike hauler
14. 09 WRX
15. 11 WRX

Scott-2011 WRX 335HP 394TQ 93 VF52!
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I unfortunately dont have pics of any of my previously owned cars. My first was a 73 VW Bug, Canary yellow, matching steelies, chrome bumpers, running boards, gravel guards, and vent covers, and exhaust. Next was a 2001 Ford Focus, after first deployment dropped a 302 (built to the ends), with 5.0 rear end and tranny in it (fastest car I have ever owned). Sold it, built a boom box on wheels with my 02 Mercury Cougar. Returned it to stock and bought my 07 WRX. While having it have bought my wife an 05 WRX 4Eat. Looking to get rid of one of the WRXs to get a legacy or forester, and also a Harley in the process (which will be my next build).

"2007 WRX- PPG'd, 20G- Tim Bailey tuned
Stage 2 2005 WRX"
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First fast car, bought july 5th, 2011, 2006 STI
other cars:
1968 VW Beetle
1968 VW Beetle after I wrecked the first one
1987 Nissan Sentra, bought new, lowered and blacked out windows
Ford Fairmont, used,forgot the year
Ford Ranger, used, forgot the year
Another Sentra, forgot the year around a 87
1993 Ford f150, used, w/headers
2003 Nissan Frontier
1999 Yamaha 600
2008 Nissan Pathfinder
1964 VW Beetle

12 vehicles since 1986

06 STI
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My first was a 1990 DA Integra....then I went with a 92 Turbo Eagle Talon...Then I bought a 2004 Ford Ranger. Moved into a 2001 BMW 323 and traded that bad boy in on my WRX.

so stock its not even funny...just kinda sad :(
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Let's see here since I got my license in '04
1) 1993 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer
2) WRX Wagon (same one I still own)
3) 1999 Ford Ranger XLT (Winter Ride/Work Truck, still own this also at my parents house)
4) 1995 240sx SE (DD)
5) 2003 WRX Sedan (DD)
6) 1989 Mustang GT Convertible (DD)
7) 2001 Evo VII (DD)
8) 1989 Supra N/A (DD)
9) 2006 Mazdaspeed6 (current DD)


pics will follow once Time Machine finishes installing the backup on my new MacBook

FP GT35R MoTeC M800 AndrewTech PPG'd Wagon - 513AWHP
13 Abarth 500 - Stockish
- Matt
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Wish I could've owned a EVO VII....I love the look of the older EVOs we weren't allowed to have.

Not as nice as some of you guys:
1) 198X (can't remember the last year digit) Oldsmobile Cutlass This car was my boom box. lol
2) 1994 Pontiac Grand Am Also a boom box on wheels
3) 2006 Subaru WRX TR
4) 2006 Subaru WRX STI (my current car)

I wish I would've looked harder before buying my Grand Am. Shortly after buying my Grand Am I found a nice Turbo 2 RX7 that would've came with a spare rotary engine and add on's. It had a full TBE Apexi exhaust that made the car sound like thunder at idle. Man, I regret not getting that car. It needed a paint job as it was rolling around on primer. But, it would've been the coolest import car in high school if I owned it and got it painted. It had all typical show mods: nice rims, exhaust, and a decent radio upgrade. Just the interior would've needed fixed up to make it look really good. The kicker is it would've been roughly the same price as my Grand Am. I saw the car for the next couple of years after. So, I know it ran good and that's what really kills me.

I went from sound mods to performance with Subaru. I really....really wanted a EVO when I bought my TR. But, I couldn't swing the money at the time and I couldn't wait around. My Grand Am needed to go at the time because I didn't want to fix it anymore. So, I got a Subaru and have loved them ever since. But, I wish I had a EVO at times.

378awhp/373wtq Custom Dom 3 & CBRD tuned 2006 STI.
"When in doubt...flat out" - Colin McRae
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Only 23 but me:
1.) 88 honda accord no right mirror just a beater for being 16
2.) 00 dodge durango sport (felt like off roading for a while)
3.) 99 grand am gt: 20" chrome rims, tint, 6 12" audiobahn subs ,CAI... Lol i thought i was cool
4.) 08 impala with the 6 12s
5.) 09 wrx : just getting the modding fever now ( current)
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Got my license in 2000:

1) 1992 Ford Explorer XLT
High school hand-me-down ride (thanks mom and dad): dark green exterior, tan cloth interior, 6 cyl, automatic, 4x4, green neon/lights everywhere, painted dash pieces green, dark tint, 3 JL Audio 12s, clear turn signals, billet grill, etc.

Took lots of abuse, rust began taking over, sold.

2) 1996 Eclipse GS
College ride: black exterior, grey cloth interior, 4 cyl, non-turbo, 5 speed, red neon/lights everywhere, painted dash pieces/rear tail light center piece/calipers/floor mats black, light tint, 2 JL Audio 12s in a space saver box, 17" Mille Miglia wheels, clear corner lights, AEM short ram intake, Infiniti speakers, Alpine head unit, carbon fiber pedal covers, etc.

Pretty sure it was a flood-salvaged car, many miles, burned lots of oil, sold.

3) 2007 Subaru WRX
Post college/current ride (money pit)

I tend to keep cars for a while.
Attached Images

07 WRX
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Can't wait for keith to post. I wanna see his license in rock form.... Sorta like History of the World "These Fiftee.... Ten commandments".

Moses was actually holding Keith's license.

Thought there was a thread on this from back in the day.... Maybe it was just a "cars that you've owned" thread.

2002 WRX Sold
2007 WRX Sold
2007 STi totaled
2007 Foz XT sold
2007 MS3
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First car I spent serious money on was my 05 Mustang GT vert (blown, etc). It motivated me to "improve" my WRX.

All told, I started slow...
'89 Ford Escort, (used, ended up burning to the ground)
'96 Mustang GT, (seemed fast, was actually S L O W )
'99 Mustang Cobra, (what a fun car; loved setting off car alarms with it)
'02 WRX Sedan, (Cobb Stage 2, suspension, ASA wheels; loved it, had to give it to my dad)
'05 Mustang GT vert, (Saleen Supershaker, suspension, plus other goodies *still owned)
'08 BMW 335XI, (stock, LOTS of fun and super smooth to drive, especially in Germany, traded it in for
'10 BMW M3 Sedan, (its everything they say it is... nicest driving car I have ever owned *still owned)
'12 Mustang Boss 302, (3 weeks old, just activated the Trackey and it is fantastic to drive *still owned)

Ok, so WRX is gone, but not forgotten and definately loved. Given the space (and wife's permission) I will get another... maybe after I retire in a year and a half.

edit: A pic of the new kid

02 WRX Cobb Stage 2 now SOLD to my father who sold it to my Brother. Have fun Al!

Last edited by Herknav; 01-18-2012 at 11:54 PM. Reason: photo
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1988 Chrysler Lebaron 4cyl convertible. I was spoiled. Sold it to a teenager years later who wrecked in in a couple weeks. Damn thing was spotless too...
1991 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (suburban wheelbase station wagon). Infinitely more practical. This car finally died in 2011 btw. Rusted the frame to scrap.
1994 Mazda 626 I bought used. It had a ford probe V6 in it, the car had constant electrical problems not knowing what it was. Ford and Mazda are close, but not close enough for a wiring harness to be happy. Traded it in for the WRX.
2004 Subaru WRX bought new. Sold it to a teenager years later who wrecked in in a couple weeks. Damn thing was spotless too...
2004 Subaru WRX STi bought used. The previous owner was an ass.
2013 Subaru STi: Not delivered yet. OH SNAP!

2015 STi: Still Stock
04 STi, 04 WRX: SOLD
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1. 1984 Nissan 300ZX-T (sold because it was too unreliable to take off to college. It had a MBC and exhaust)
2. 1995 Mitsubishi Galant (traded in to buy the next car)
3. 2002 WRB WRX (totaled Thanksgiving weekend 2003)
4. 2002 PSM WRX (currently own)
5. 1999 Toyota Solara (currently own)

Looking to trade #4 and #5 in for a Toyota 4Runner and a BMW M5 whenever it becomes feasible.

The Z was purchased in 1998.
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1995 Eclipse GSX -

...still have it

- Sandra
2007 WRX TR | Stage 2 | PAR Gearset (Built by AndrewTech)
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OH SNAP!!! here we go. got my license in 97

1- 1987 cavalier
2- 1982 toyota corolla/tercel
3- 1989 escort GT
4- 1989 cavalier
5- 1991 talon tsi
6- 1996 talon tsi awd
7- 1993 240sx
8- 1995 eclipse gs(vette tails and mazda 2.5 swapped but gave up on before finished)
9- 1993 caravan(in primer) yeah baby!!!
10- 1996 eclipse gst spyder(awd conversion)
11- 1995 talon tsi awd (parts car)
12- 1996 cavalier ( sold after I rebuilt it, never dd it)
13- 1995 talon esi (poop)
14- 2002 ranger Edge
15- 1996 avenger
16- 2007 caliber(still own)
17- 1998 eclipse gs
18- 1994 ram 1500
19- 2002 Blaze yellow WRX( still have and LOVE)
20- 1989 s10

There was a 82 LTDII that went in there somewhere and four other part car DSM's
Bringing my total to two old Yamaha bikes.

2002 blaze WRX- sold:(
2004 Wrx-sold
2011 Wrx limited
99 Fozz- sold
Eagle eye crew
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Brandon (Herknav) you are my hero, lol. I got the chance to ride in one of the new 302 Mustangs awhile ago. I instantly fell in love with it. I am and will always be a Mustang fan. Shes a beauty.

And Mosc, nice little drop on upgrading to a newer STI.

"2007 WRX- PPG'd, 20G- Tim Bailey tuned
Stage 2 2005 WRX"
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