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Eclipse or Impreza?

hey everyone im new to this site. well im inbetween 2 cars the Eclipse Gsx and the Impreza WRX. well there both awd and both turbo but i cant figure out which one i want. all my friends are split between them. so maybe you guys could help???? Thanx
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th e WRX is way better and you will have no problems modding the WRX were as the Eclipse gets crank walk and some other problems, Subaru has much better quilty IMO
I think everyone in here is going to be pro WRX, just a hunch

My turbo's fixed and a lot better =)
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NOT to say I'm bias... but when I see an Eclipse driving around town, I usually expect it to be a chick ... then again, this is a college town. WRX's seems to get a whole lot more respect around here too.

Subaru Ambassador
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well when it comes to DSM's i get alot even from some of the owners " thier good cars... when thier running..."
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what mean IMO?
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Generally - "im my opinion"
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Originally Posted by hipo_wrx
well when it comes to DSM's i get alot even from some of the owners " thier good cars... when thier running..."
so true... when i was driving my DSM all the time, people wouldnt ask me the typical "hows the car running", theyd ask "is the car running?"
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Both have their advantages. DSMs will make way more power on a stock block and trans reliably and mods are much, much cheaper. I know a guy that ran his Talon into the mid 13s with under $500 in mods. I like both, but I chose the WRX over a DSM because I wanted a car that was going to last a long time and I perfered a new car so that I would know how it was driven since day one. I was in the same situation as you. If you already have a reliable daily driver, go for the DSM, if you need a relaible daily driver, go for the WRX. I finally just purchased a 2nd car so I don't have to run my WRX as much. Plus its paid off in 6 months, so now I will be able to do some major work to it and not have to worry about the down time.
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I guess I'm the perfect guy to play devil's advocate here...

It's really as easy as asking yourself these questions - what do you want the car for? Will it be a project car where you want to put down some big power numbers, or do you want something you can just drive around town with minor mods? How much do you have to spend? And how much experience do you have modifying cars? Do you want 4 doors or 2?

The DSM is more of a low budget DIY project car - and thus, tends to get a bad rap in the reliability department. In my opinion, they're fairly reliable if you spend the money needed on upkeep and do modifications the right way. Unfortunately, many people who own DSMs do not do that, and they tend to get neglected. You also tend to have few mechanics around that know the in's and out's of the DSM for some reason. Don't get scared off by crankwalk - I'd bet that there are more people blowing WRX trannies than there are DSMs crankwalking. Chances are, any DSM you find will be ready for a rebuild anyway unless it has low miles. My car had 175k miles on the original engine and tranny with absolutely no major problems. The car still ran good when I pulled the motor for the rebuild. The DSM has the better potential for putting down big power at a lower price in terms of modifications. The stock bottom ends on these cars can handle 400-450hp reliably. But you need to learn the quirks. Expect to pay for someone elses' mistakes when buying one though. It may be tough to find one that wasn't abused.

The WRX is a newer car, has newer technology and will likely be better a better choice for those who are less mechanically inclined - I don't think they're as quirky. Being that you can probably find them with lower miles, you shouldn't have to put in much maintenance. I'd recommend the newer car to most people. It's more practical and is likely more reliable. But then again, if you're like me, none of that matters too much.

Both will be fun cars. It just depends what you want and how far you want to go with it.

-Chris Founder
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I have gotten to the point with my STi that I really don't know if I want to take it any further than where it is. (stage 2, headers, suspension upgrades) It's a blast to drive on the street, and starts and drives every single day without me giving it a second thought. I am seriously considering looking for a 1G GSX or TSI to build into a race car. After seeing a 1G bought for $400 out of a junkyard run 11.2 on just a FPGreen (gutted interior/slicks), I was in awe. Running the STI that fast I'm looking at a GT30 kit at least, and that's hoping that the ring lands hold up. Ok, so I'm babbling. Buy the WRX for a daily driver I'd say. The newest GSX you'll find is 6 years old and probably fast approaching 100k miles. Like Luda said though, if you're looking for a project an older DSM is going to be much better bang for the buck.

FP Green'd 04 STi

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I can't really put it any better than Chris did. You can't really go wrong either way, both can be alot of fun. For the most part I learned most of hands on wrenching from owning a DSM. They are great if you aren't a hack when you do things to them. My Talon only left me walking once, it turned out to be a bad alternator. They can be very reliable if taken care of.

My decision was based on my family, so I needed 4 doors and a sub $300/month payment. The WRX fit the bill nicely. If I wasn't starting a family I would get the GSX without a doubt, but I'm not dissatisfied with the Subaru, it's awesome.

Before I bought my WRX, I was looking at a 99' GSX actually.

My car is well, it's like 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag...

<------ Click to see what I'm workin' with. ;)
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