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Kdan 02-16-2014 04:40 PM

Colorado Emissions Test Issues
Howdy all,

Have an '08 WRX on which I've installed a Cobb downpipe, Borla exhaust system, AEM cold air intake, and using a Cobb access port have downloaded the Stage 2 map specific to the AEM cold air intake. No engine diagnostic lights turn on. Went into to get a Colorado emissions test for the first time with these upgrades. The HC (Hydrocarbons) grams per mile were 1.2616 against a limit of 1.200. The CO (Carbon Monoxide) grams per mile were 31.5774 against a limit of 15.000. The NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) were 1.9419 against a limit of 1.500. Contacted Cobb's helpline and tried a Stage 1 map specific to the AEM cold air intake and, while it did help, my car still didn't pass the NOx (Oxides of Nitrogent) portion of the test, 1.9607 versus the limit of 1.5000.

Any ran into this issue/have any suggestions on how to best address/overcome this issue?



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