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2 wrx sti racing resulting in death

story i found online 2 2006 wrx sti version racing on street bad ending thought i'd share careless street racing...


Ryan Meinken spent much of Memorial Day polishing the sports car he got for being an honor roll student at Carmel High School in Mundelein.

By evening, he was dead, killed while apparently racing his brother at speeds witnesses said may have exceeded 100 m.p.h., a Lake County sheriff's spokesman said.

Meinken, 17, of Green Oaks, and his brother, Chris, 21, were driving powerful versions of 2006 Subaru Imprezas on Buckley Road in an unincorporated area near Libertyville about 5:30 p.m. Monday when Ryan collided with two cars and crashed into a wooded area, Sgt. Christopher Thompson said.

The brothers had gone to get gas for their cars and were returning home, said their mother, Nancy McDonald-Meinken. She said she didn't know if they were speeding but denied they had been drag-racing.

Ryan Meinken was pronounced dead at the scene. Chris Meinken was not injured, and the people in the other vehicles were taken to hospitals for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, Thompson said.

An investigation of the accident may take up to two weeks, he said. No charges had been filed Tuesday.

Ryan Meinken had a blood-alcohol level of 0.02, said Lake County Coroner Richard Keller, below the legal limit of 0.08 for adults but above the state's zero-tolerance threshold for minors.

"Our hearts go out to the family," Thompson said. "But it does serve as a sobering and glaring reminder that our young people desperately need to start making better decisions when they get behind the wheel of a car."

Witnesses said the two cars appeared to be racing on a four-lane stretch of Illinois Highway 137, also known as Buckley Road, when Ryan Meinken's car rear-ended a Honda Accord carrying four people at Oak Grove Avenue. He then spun into a Jeep Cherokee traveling in the opposite direction before careering off the road.

It was unclear if he was wearing a seat belt, Thompson said.

Police and local hospitals declined to release the names of the people who were in the other cars or information on their conditions.

McDonald-Meinken said her son was a junior on the honor roll and took Advanced Placement classes at Carmel, a Catholic school in Mundelein. He had participated in track and wrestling and spent several years playing soccer, she said.

He had been interested in a career in nuclear physics since 5th grade and wanted to attend the California Institute of Technology, McDonald-Meinken said.

"He had a whole idea of what he wanted to do," she said. "He wanted to work to try to make nuclear energy more environmentally friendly."

The family moved from Connecticut to Green Oaks, near Libertyville, three years ago, she said.

Ryan Meinken had worked at Cousins Subs in Libertyville for the last few months and planned to work all summer to maintain his car, his mother said.

On Memorial Day, "he had just spent all day washing and waxing it," she said.

Tuesday would have been the last day of classes for Ryan Meinken before final exams began at Carmel, said Rev. Robert Carroll, the school's principal.

Students and teachers gathered for a prayer service in the gymnasium before the school day began. Counselors visited all of Ryan Meinken's classes.

"They were very solemn and hurt by his death," Carroll said.

Visitation will be held from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday in McMurrough Funeral Chapel, 101 Park Place, Libertyville. Mass will be said at 10 a.m. Saturday in St. Joseph Catholic Church, 121 E. Maple Ave., Libertyville.

Classmates at Carmel remembered Ryan Meinken as an outgoing, smart student who liked to talk about his car. Rumors had already spread through the school Tuesday that he had been racing with his brother when the accident happened, students said.

"Most people are shocked that something like that could happen," junior Richie Krauss said.

Krauss, 17, said Ryan Meinken told classmates that he had received the Subaru as a gift for getting a 4.0 grade-point average in the fall.

According to a car Web site, Ryan and Chris Meinken each owned an Impreza WRX STi. The model has a 300-horsepower engine and retails for about $35,000, a dealer said.

"I'd always see him at lunch," Krauss said as he pulled a baseball bat and glove from the trunk of his Chevrolet Camaro. "Me and him would talk about whose car would go faster."

Krauss never was a passenger in Ryan Meinken's car but had ridden in similar models with "fast pickup."

"He loved it a lot," Krauss said, "the same thing all kids say about their cars."

Smiling sheepishly as a visitor complimented the Camaro, Krauss said he, too, loved his car.

"But I'm thinking about selling it, now that I heard about what happened to Ryan," he said.
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That's why you dont get a 17 yr old a 300 hp monster. I don't care what his GPA was. The same thing ###### would've happened to me at that age with that car. That's a shame.

DTRacing Tuned
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I totally agree. You have barely had your license for a year and you have a STi? Parents, WAKE UP!!!! Kids don't need everything that they want, especially a brand new car in high school. My first car was an 85 Escort GT. Guess what happened to it? I was stupid and wrecked it. Testosterone+Fast Car=Potential for Danger! I feel for the family, but you can't expect for a kid (who has also been drinking) with a STi not to be tempted to drive crazy. **I am now off of my soapbox**
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Sad. RIP and hope others can learn from it.

Subaru Ambassador
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they make it sound like speeds in excess of 100mph are somehow inherently dangerous. which is utter garbage. and i disagree with the above comments too. if the parents had spent an additional 3K and actually taught there sone HOW to drive instead of assume this or that, this story would be different. im not saying its a guarantee life saver, but he, nay, everyone involved would have had a MUCH better chance of avoidance.
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A teen drives drunk and dies on the road: Nobody cares. Happens nearly every day
A teen talks on his cell phone or eats a hamburger, gets distracted and dies. Nobody cares. Happens every day.

Kid does street racing and it's an epidemic of moral corruption of anyone who would drive such a car. Bullshit I say. Idiots are idiots, regardless of what context you put on it. Fact is people die on the road for all kinds of incredibly stupid reasons. The vast majority of people who own these cars are not asshats.

####ing media. ####ing coverage of bullshit while ignoring what's going on in the world today. How many people died of cigarette related illnesses this year? How many from drunk driving? Why the #### do they stress so much on isolated extremes like this while THOUSANDS die and they could care less.

Sorry to get angry but this pisses me off.

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Nose Nuggets, I agree to a certain extent... You can have all of the driving skills in the world, but that does not take away the urge to go fast. If that wasn't part of the appeal, everyone on this forum would be driving a Yaris or something. Point is that it is more about maturity than skill and if you give a 17 year old boy a car like a STi (even with proper driver training), he is still going to try to do something like race a brother on a semi crowed street (it was 5:30 pm and he hit 2 different cars), while intoxicated. Granted, there are a lot of variable in this story. You have a 17 year old kid, a fast car, alcohol, and "drag racing" on a street with multiple vehicles. If you remove any of these variables, the situation MAY have been different. To sum it up, it is sad that a kid who has his whole life ahead of him is no longer living because of poor judgment. Like mosc said, it happens every day and the only reason why we are talking about it is because of the vehicle involved and the media going after a story.
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fast car? even a yaris does 100mph.
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Originally Posted by Nose Nuggets View Post
fast car? even a yaris does 100mph.
exactly. Those two kids could have easily been in honda civics that were bone stock. i hate the word drag racing. it gets thrown around way to loosely. and its always used as a negative term. it would be interesting to see the statistics of how many accidents happen from "drag racing" compared to cell phone using.

and can anyone answer this for me....are cops allowed to not following basic rules of the road. for instance, when making a left hand turn at a four way intersection that is two lanes, can they just go into the right lane without first establishing the left lane then using a god damn blinker! ####er almost hit me. and what blinkers in general? are they allowed to not use them. cause then his fat ass pulled into dunkin donuts by just slamming on his brakes and turning. and what about cell phones for cops? (is it just me or is this abusing the uniform )
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