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thepants1337 07-05-2013 12:04 PM

Whiteline Sways & Kartboy endlinks '12 WRX
Hey guys,

I'm looking to do an install next weekend on my 12 wrx. I recently picked up whiteline swaybars front and rear and kartboy endlinks front and rear. I was just wondering what advice you guys have for the install? I watched a few videos and feel pretty comfortable with my tools. I have ramps to keep the suspension under load for the install. Also I have PB Blaster for tricky nuts etc. I have a good socket set, extensions, a breaker bar, a large torque wrench etc.

My only real question is just what tips do you guys have? Should I expect the endlinks orientation to be vertical or on a slant? And where could I find the proper torque specs for the endlinks and everything?


thepants1337 07-15-2013 02:58 PM

Hey guys, so just an update:

I did the install using some youtube videos for help and it turned out well. I replaced the end links and sway bars front and rear using Kartboy endlinks and Whiteline sways (22 mm). Overall it wasn't a particularly challenging install. The most important tools/ tips I have for it are:

Breaker bars really help get off the stock bolts/nuts if they are being stubborn. For the love of god get a ratcheting wrench. I did mine with a socket and wrenches but the confined space is just begging for ratcheting wrench. I used ramps to keep my suspension under load while I fitted the sways. Also, I went for vertical orientation of the end links and had to use some spacers to get it just right. Don't snug things down too much until you are happy with the orientation of the endlinks. From there just off the top of my head I believe the D Brace was torqued to 18ftlbs, the endlinks were torqued to 38 ftlbs, and the inboard lateral link (rear sway bar braces mount here) was 89 ftlbs which is a hell of a torque with limited space under the car.

Overall after driving it in a nearby parking lot I felt a noticeable difference in turn in and overall response. Cornering at speed feels different and there's a bit of oversteer IMO but I'll make that decision after some more driving. If it comes down to it I'll adjust the sways to correct that.


the RIOT act 07-15-2013 03:26 PM

Seeing the WRX's suspension is so weak and actually prone to understeer from the factory, I figured the new setup would've set you up nice! Maybe you just need to get use to it...

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