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emjayem 09-24-2009 09:19 PM

snow tire/ offset 09 wrx
~tried to search but no luck~ I'm planning on picking up a snowtire setup, steelies, tires, and tpms and am wondering what other people are rolling on their 09's. I am thinking of going with a 16" 205 55 opposed to a 17" setup. what are you having good/bad luck with and where did you buy them??

I am also wondering if anyone knows the offset of the stock 09 wrx wheels? I cannot seem to find that info. thanks!Thumbs Up

ratfink 09-24-2009 09:35 PM

There's a good thread about offset on nasioc, but in theory the stock 17s should be about 43mm or so. The width and offset change together. I don't know if 16s will clear your brakes or not.

frankenstang 09-25-2009 08:54 AM

I used 02 wrx rims on my 08 last year,they fit fine.As long as the offset is 40+ you should be fine,no double piston to worry about.This year i have rims from a chevy that fit fine 5x100,16x8,+42mm offset.

mosc 09-25-2009 10:02 AM

16"s clear your brakes, but not all of them. For instance the 02-05 WRX rims don't clear the 06-07 brakes. Not sure exactly what brakes are on the 09. Tirerack has some steelies but I hear they're back-ordered till November. Check with Discounttiredirect.

205/55/16 will work well.

ratfink 09-25-2009 11:35 AM

Is there some trick to finding steelies? I can't find anything at either site.

mosc 09-25-2009 01:30 PM

Call em up. They don't sell many but they can get em. NOTE: 16" steelies won't clear brembos.

emjayem 09-25-2009 08:59 PM

[quote=ratfink;231254]Is there some trick to finding steelies? I can't find anything at either site.[/quote]

they do seem to be rather elusive don't they. The 09 wrx has pretty standard brakes, nothing fancy, the base impreza has the same brakes and they come with stock steels. maybe that is the way to go, thruough the dealer, probably farely pricey that way though.

If I found some steels with say a +35ish offset, would that work?

emjayem 09-25-2009 09:18 PM


ratfink 09-25-2009 10:28 PM

Unless there skinny (6-6.5") that's not a enough offset from what I've read. But I have no experience.

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