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hows this setup?

so ive been doing some research and i was gonna go with the cobb stage 2 suspension setup. however after doing my research alot of people have said that cobb lowers the car to much and i dont wanna have to do major mods when i purchase a new set of rims and tires. so here is what i have pieced together.


sti pinks? or if you people have any other options you like better.

Thanks Josh
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$450 is a lot to pay for springs. You could get coilovers for the price of those springs and struts.
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well i was thinking of possibly just using the jdm springs for now and get new struts eventually. and i was not looking to get the sti pink struts just not off that site because they are over priced. so if you have any better ideas on where to get those springs let me know. im just looking for a nice street handling car that i can take to the track on occasions

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I am in the works of planning my suspension out right now, and this is what a good friend of mine told me...

Struts and Srpings and Tophats

#1 Choice. Tokico D-Specs
#2 Choice KYB AGX
#3 Choice KYB GR-2

#1 gives an almost German ride quality with the ability to crank it up for track driving. #2 give you a good quality ride but there are 4 levels of adjustability vs the 32 for #1. #3 is not adjustable but are a good strut.

#1 Prodrive Springs. These are available through your local Cosworth Distributor (Suba, I believe). I've heard good things about RCE but I've never ridden in them so I'd go with the Prodrives

You don't need to do tophats but I've ridden in cars both with and without and I'd definitely spend the cash on them. Group N Tophats. Get them at Flatirons.

Chris is running Prodrive springs on AGX struts. I don't remember if he has tophats or not. My most favoritest strut/spring setup was D-Specs with Prodrive springs and Group N tophats. Budget setup would be GR-2's with Prodrive Springs on stock tophats.

These are your entry-level performance suspension packages.
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the kyb gr2 is just a stock replacement.

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Cobb springs don't lower it to much, my wrx i think sits very nice, and i never bottom out on anything!
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Konis and H&R springs will make a great handling car, it will be low. Konis and Ground Control, if you want to play with your ride height. AGX with Prodrive is a nice street setup. AGX and Eibach would also work.
If you are going coilovers, be ready for a harsher ride and make sure they can be rebuilt in the states.
If this is your DD stick with springs and struts. If this is your DD with a few AuotXs, the Ground Controls would be nice. If this is going to see a lot of track time, coilovers.
What is you buget?
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It depends ,... what are you going to be doing with your car. Track , auto cross, rally, paved track , is this your everyday driver ?????? There is a lot of stuff you can add , it all depends on your need. My tip for the day, Avoid the JDM pink adjustable struts, my friends adjuster buttons ( underneath the strut, you press on these and turn clockwise or counter clockwise to adjust setting ) are disintegrating after just 2 years. He uses the car for an every day driver, but this is only the 6th, time we adjusted them. One of them can no longer be adjusted. I have heard of this happening often, and for a little more money you can get better.

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the link didn't open for me, but if they are jdm pinks (sounds like it by the price) you can skip using these on your oe struts (unless you own a STi?). these springs are designed as an upgrade for STi owners to be used w/ their oe struts which are MUCH firmer damped than our WRX struts- the maximum spring rates I'd entertain w/ the oe struts are in the 220ish/190ish range- basically the WRX pinks/USDM STi springs- even these rates are a bit of a stretch for the oe struts and there are much better suited dampers


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