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joystick 04-21-2009 07:40 PM

Endlinks, so many to choose from
So there are a million different endlinks and styles out there, which one is right for me?
I am upgrading sway bars and want the best endlink I want them durable and functional.

My 08 wrx is not lowered and i do not plan on lowering it, if that makes a difference.

My plan is to get the rallitek sway bars front and rear with solid front AVO endlink and rear AVO endlink, or should i just get the rallitek kit with comes with sways and the rallitek HD endlinks front and rear. I was just looking at the pictures and the AVO endlinks look better and stronger than the rallitek ones.

Here are my choices:

Perrin solid- [url=]Perrin Performance - Endlinks Front[/url]

AVO solid- [url=]AVO 50mm Solid Front Endlinks[/url]

AVO- [url=]AVO Front Sway Bar Endlinks[/url]

Rallitek HD- [url=]RalliTEK HD Front Endlinks[/url]

Whats the difference between a solid vs not solid front endlink?

Perrin Spherical- [url=]RalliTEK HD Front Endlinks[/url]

Rallitek HD- [url=]RalliTEK HD Front Endlinks[/url]

AVO- [url=]AVO Rear Endlinks 2008+ WRX[/url]

mosc 04-21-2009 11:33 PM

Solid endlinks are noisy, particularly in the front. I bought cobb front and real endlinks (solid) and I can tell you the fronts drove me nuts. They were quite loud and people constantly commented that my car was breaking every time they "clicked" from a speed bump.

Kartboy front endlinks. Accept no substitutes. They've got cushion to keep them quiet and work plenty well. Rears don't matter much, although I've heard complaints about perrin and my cobb's did make noise on occasion (big bumps mostly).

[url=]Kartboy Sedan Front Endlinks Turn In Concepts[/url]
[url=]2008 Impreza Whiteline rear endlinks Turn In Concepts[/url]

Do yourself a favor and buy these while you're there:
[url=]2008 Impreza rear diff inserts Turn In Concepts[/url]

pzr2874 04-22-2009 11:43 AM

Another good idea would be to go with the same endlink brand that your sways are... ( fitment issue wise)

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