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Yeah, the air will be cooled alot more efficianly, but the point of a larger intercooler is so there will be more space to cool the air from a larger turbo. A larger turbo, has a larger degree of heat, so all that air needs to be cooled down before going into your engine.
If you feel any gains with a larger intercooler, and a stock turbo, then you're not actually feeling a power gain. What you're feeling is the new intercooler doing what the stock intercooler should have been doing in the first place. That's cooling the air efficiantly throughout the power bar. So the power is nice and even, with no drops due to heat soak. Don't get me wrong, a larger intercooler is a very good investment, I'm just saying it wouldn't really show it's worth until you install a larger turbo.
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you will have more turbo lag and you will lose approx. 3lbs of boost with a factory turbo. so if you want 15lbs your turbo will be working for 18lbs. You will have more power at the same intake pressure but you can over work your turbo. I think the tmic should work great. even once you upgrade your turbo. Think about it if you are filling a 2 gallon tank or a 200 gallon tank which one will fill up quicker? Your turbo won't adjust itself because a bigger intercooler is there. Your turbo has to fill and pressurize a bigger area. Which means more time before the air gets to your engine.
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uh oh...i think i've gone and confused the listening audience.

the boost controller controls the amount of boost (by opening/closing the wastegate) seen in the manifold, which is after the IC, so regardless of what TMIC you have it will still have the hypothetical 15psi. it's just with the freer flowing IC, the turbo doesn't have to work as hard.

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The boost controller actually controls the wastegate or wastegate solenoid (depending on the design), but, yes, the boost readings are taken after the intercooler, so no the turbo is actually producing more than what the boost gauge is reading.

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i feel a need to chime in here. SCC used the APS TMIC on their project WRX. their car was running a VF30, full ehaust, pigyback ECU, pully and a few other things. the addition of the APS TMIC added ONE wheel hores power and TWO lbs of torque. AND THAT WAS WITH A GOOD TUNE. another issue they ran into was the fact that once the air in the APS IC heated up due to traffic,staging or what have you, it took a lot longer for it to cool than the factory IC. in my book TMIC's rank right with headders. save your money and buy something that will give a HP and torque gain, not a loss!!!!
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I'd like to know what the tune looked like before and after the IC was put on. They couldn't have changed much to only gain 1 HP.
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At sea level, every 7 degree drop in intake air temp is a 1% horsepower gain, all tuning aside.
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