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woznin49 10-25-2005 08:26 PM

Thermal exhaust, type H, and HKS mega flow
[B][/B]Just put on a thermal CB system and it sounds great. Deeper and lounder than the Evo 2 and HKS kits, smoother than the espelir system and it has a semi factory look !Thumbs Up . also got a HKS mega flow short ram, nothin special, usual intake effects. Type H is alright, fluttery when you let off at part throttle and a nice crisp dump sound at WOT not a long drawn out whoosh like the RFL. u can hear it kinda hicup between gears/ no idling problems and no bog of any type. and I got everything for FREE of a used car we got on a trade in at my dealership I work at. Whooo Hooo

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