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LW_Black4 12-04-2013 06:19 PM

Subaru EJ22 Stroker Build
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[B]Might there be a less expensive way to build a 2.2L EJ motor[/B] from my EJ205 than to purchase a stroker kit, like this Tomica Racing example, and [B]is this the simplest path for increasing displacement?[/B]

Will standard STi rods be suitable, and will the [B]EJ205 fuel system, turbo setup and other supporting systems be sufficient for this modest increase in displacement?[/B]

[url=]--->> BRAND NEW - TR 2.2l Stroker kit for EJ20 - NASIOC[/url]

pzr2874 12-04-2013 08:06 PM


He'll know what's best.

Good luck.

psinuse 12-04-2013 08:37 PM

Well you have some choices here and I will try my best to explain everything;

A) Find a Phase 2 2.2L block(these are 99 1/2-2001 model years and are very hard to find)
B) Find a Phase 1 2.2L block(these are 92-99 model years if memory serves me correctly, these also use a smaller rod journal and were prone to bearing failures.)

The difference between these is the phase 1 block uses the #3 main bearing for the thrust bearing, the Phase 2 block uses the #5 main bearing. So if you buy a phase 1 block you'll have to have the #5 main machined for the thrust bearing in order to use the newer phase 2 cranks...

Once you have the block selection figured out you can use the newer 2L crank, STi rods and forged 2.2L pistons, without having to buy any the custom other than having the block machined.

Fuel wise I highly recommend upgraded fuel pump and injectors(minimum 550cc). Turbo intercooler should be okay, but I do recommend a bigger radiator as well. Also you have to watch your compression ratios as I have seen these build with higher ratios and that's not good for a turbocharged car. Try to keep your ratio around 8.5 and no more for a street driven pump gas car. I don't know if you have an upgraded exhaust system, but that is recommend as well.

YOU WILL NEED A TUNE FOR THIS SETUP!!! I can't stress that enough. Well I hope this helps you out some. If you decided you really wanna toss a 2.5L crank in a 2L block it will cost about $1300 more....just food for thought. Oh and your looking at $3500 for the build I mentioned above...roughly I'm not sure what machinist charges in Canada honestly.

p.s. The cheapest way would to simply buy an STi shortblock and put your WRX heads on it.

LW_Black4 12-04-2013 09:58 PM

p.s. The cheapest way would to simply buy an STi shortblock and put your WRX heads on it.[/quote]

Understood, and the high-dollar approach is not what I'm looking for. With an STi shortblock, [B]do I still require the upgraded fuel pump and injectors?[/B]

I suspect the STi shortblock is 2.5L of displacement then, and [B]are there any issues with using the EJ205 heads with an STi shortblock if the heads were designed for a (slightly) smaller bore? [/B]

A stock rebuild may make the most sense then for a cost-effect build, and I can upgrade it modestly with forged pistons. My power expectations are modest, with Stage 2 at the most.

psinuse 12-05-2013 08:01 PM

I recommend upgrading fuel pump and injectors most of the time even on a stage higher than 2. I have seen stock WRX injectors hit well over 100%IDC on the stock turbo. Highest I would safely go with IDC is 85%. Although I tune for safety not super huge numbers.

As far as the WRX heads on a STi block you can get the combustion chambers enlarged to fit the 2.5 bore. Not sure on the cost, but as with anything machining it probably isn't super cheap.

p.s. if you really want the super cheap way, and keep in mind I highly, HIGHLY, HIGHLY don't recommend it, but simply buy and older 2.2L(I have seen them for $350-400) throw in a simple rebuild and toss your heads on it. Then you are looking at roughly.......$2000ish maybe more, but and again I can't stress this enough, you won't be able to run more than stock boost levels and even then I'd recommend upgraded fuel pump and injectors. Used "pinks" can be had for $200, Walbro fuel pump $100 so it's good insurance.

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