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K&N Typhoon results

I just recently installed the K&N typhoon intake for a 2005 WRX STi (K&N #69-8001TWR). Fairly nice kit, once everything is pieced together. Basically a short ram cold air intake box setup. It does look really good in the engine compartment, since the wrinkle powder coat matches the STi intake manifold. Airfilter itself is fairly small though, about 4.5" high and 4.5" wide at the base, not really big enough for a car starting out at 300 h.p.

Anyway, my car should have picked up about 13 h.p. or so above 4500 rpm according to K&N's dyno results. Uh,uh. I guess what works on a DSM does NOT work on a WRX. I could tell idling the car was lean, exhaust note got really loud and boomy. I knew right away something was NOT right about the car.

Took it for a spin expecting it to rev faster, nope. Car could barely get out of its own way, throttle response was dog slow. Boost response however was quicker, but with no power. Felt like major ignition timing retard. I would say I lost about 40-50 ft*lbs across the board. I lost that hit of torque right around 3700 rpm that plants you in the seat.

Anyhow, I uninstalled it, went back to stock, and all the power came right back. The K&N MAF pipe was so hot I could physically not touch it. I'm sure this heat soaked right into the MAF sensor. How the MAF is getting thrown off I'm not sure, the K&N intake pipe meausures 2.600" internally. I think I'll buy an Engine Management system, then put the K&N back on, but right now its faster without it.
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thanks for the info. i have read that changeing the intake will make the STi run way too lean, but had not read any deatails on how it affeted the car.
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There probably some small print that they forgot to tell you about like having the car tuned is how they got those numbers

My turbo's fixed and a lot better =)
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I have no doubt what so ever that an intake would provide the gains K&N suggested even without tuning. Been there, done that on other turbo cars. Fundamentally, every turbo 4 cylinder is the same. EXCEPT in the MAF and ECU. These two things are stepping in and making things difficult. The K&N MAF pipe measures 2.570", so does the stock STi MAF pipe. The MAF is in the exact same spot, with the velocity bell also in the same spot. Only thing I noticed is the K&N MAF pipe was scorching hot, this had to have heat soaked right into the MAF. The stock WRX MAF pipe is a composite plastic, which barely gets warm. I'm sure the IAT was being thrown off a bit by this.

I also noticed the Subaru MAF does not have any screens to straighten the airflow out. Considering the small cross sectional area of the WRX MAF, I'd say a screen would be restrictive, but it could be why WRX's in general don't like intake mods. I've never seen a stock MAF that didn't have some kind of "flow straightening" screen, both "Karmen Vortex and Hotwire". DSM's had a fairly large honeycomb matrix built into the "Karman Vortex" MAF, which tolerated quite a bit of turbulence ahead of the MAF.

However, if you removed the honeycombs out of the DSM MAF, you could have problems running a K&N airfilter. Foam filters like the HKS where much more successful in "straightening" out the airflow before it hit the MAF. I have an HKS foam filter assembly from 97 DSM which I might try out on the WRX K&N Typhoon kit.
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I Have A'04 Wrx With A Borla Cat-back Exhaust And An Automatic Transmission. I Recently Installed A K&n Typhoon Intake. At Least In My Car With An Automatic Transmission, I Noticed A Definate Increase In Acceleration, Mainly Less Turbo Lag. My Wife Noticed The Same Thing. It Is Louder Than Stock, So Unless You Don't Mind More Induction Noise, At Least In My Case, I Am Pleased With The Results. I Don't Have Before/after Dyno Numbers, Just Seat Of The Pants Feeling.
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im not sure that i follow, are you saying that the performance (or lack there of) came from the fact that the MAF sensor got really hot? how does / should heat effect the MAF?

if infact it is heat, then tuning with a UTEC will not make any difference, since they can not tune out a malfunctioning sensor.

im really curious to find about this, since im really looking into getting one of these along with the perrin inlet pipe. i will tune it with a UTEC, but if the issues can not be tuned out i will for go the K&N, and get the perrin...
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newb question: would the same results apply to the WRX? I was thinking of getting the short ram with the heat shield for my car...

sorry I jacked your post.
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