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DEMENTED 10-25-2005 12:40 PM

intake snorkus remover
do any of you use this? wondering if its worth getting this or just removing the intake silencer.

GetUpInDer 10-25-2005 12:43 PM

Just remove it and call it a day!!Thumbs Up
Unless youve got the extra cash there is really no point. It sounds cooler without it too.:rocks:

DEMENTED 10-25-2005 12:48 PM

i havent tried to remove it yet... how difficult is it to do?

genkidama20 10-25-2005 01:25 PM

Not worth it
Dude, not worth it...

But, you can buy mines from me if you want ;) ... And you will ask why? Well, here's my story:

Bought my car. Found out I could take off snorkus. Took it off. Car felt like it:

1) lost low-end torque
2) stuttered in first gear
3) Boost kicked in late

Checked all cable, connectors, hoses. Looked fine. Got a friend to check it for me. Looked fine. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. We thought, hey, it might be because of turbulance in air-intake. So, bought the GPMoto Delete Elbow for $40. Put it on. Nothing. Same crap. Reset ECU. After 1 week, still same thing. Took Delete Elbow off. Put snorkus back on. Great low-end torque. No stuttering. Wasted Money... Buy my Delete Elbow from me. Profit!!! !Thumbs Up

Some say it doesn't affect your car, some say it does. Try it, if you feel like it works for you, then go for it... and buy my GPMoto Delete Elbow that was used for a week (Mint Condition :D )

Here's the link to the mod: [URL=""][/URL]

GetUpInDer 10-25-2005 03:06 PM

[QUOTE=DEMENTED]i havent tried to remove it yet... how difficult is it to do?[/QUOTE]

Its not hard at all. If you can get your car in the air its super easy, if not the best way is to remove right side tire. There are like three nuts holding it on, just take em off and rip it out. The hardest thing is removing the molding from inside th fender well, get yourself a crows foot(body tool).
And there is no way you will have drivability problems!! Even if "intake turbulence" was a problem the air cleaner would eliminate it. All that thing is is a resonator it has no function whatsoever above and beyond quieting intake noise.

Vew 10-25-2005 04:17 PM

I have it installed. Helps keep the OEM look in the engine bay. I can hear my turbo spool up in the winter time but not during the summer. When my windows are down, my exhaust kinda over takes the small sounds...

WRXtreme 10-25-2005 06:44 PM

It was one of the first mods i did to my car. very easy install, worth the $40 to get the GTMoto peice, I didn't like of idea of my intake system hanging open in my wheel well.

WRXforME 10-26-2005 06:54 AM

To keep the stock look in the engine bay I just removed the intake silencer and then hacked off 95% of it. So the scoop still has something to plug into. Looks stock!Thumbs Up

DEMENTED 10-26-2005 12:29 PM

see.. thats the thing. whats the difference between adding the intake snorkus remover as opposed to leaving the stock one on? any difference at all?

Ronnzi 10-26-2005 12:47 PM

The stock snorkus isn't advanced - it's merely a big plastic container that the air that comes into your intake comes through before going to your engine. By being in that container first, you don't hear the air as much since the container deadens the noise.

Getting the removal allows you to not have that plastic jug there while still being able to connect that big flat piece of plastic scoop that supposedly brings in air (though it's blocked by the hood from what i can tell....) to the intake like before since the silencer itself connected the two together before.

I just left mine off and have no problems. Took of the snorkus and the scoop. Doesn't look as stock, but who cares. Runs great and I can hear the turbo since the sound isn't being deadened by the silencer.

nick4592 10-26-2005 02:47 PM

..and your turbo will boost a bit quicker :)

dumdum 10-26-2005 04:33 PM

I use this:

nick4592 10-26-2005 07:28 PM

That's a new one on me...looks functional though :D

wrx27 10-26-2005 07:43 PM

I got the elbow. Looks stock, a little bit louder. I like it!

IBAUCLAPlaya 10-26-2005 08:44 PM

I like it. I still say if you wanna hear the turbo, buy a used Perrin intake on NASIOC for like $80. The intake sounds sweeter and the bypass valve is more audible than with just removing the snorkus. That is what I did, bought a K&N cone filter for the end of it am selling the Perrin stock one. I love it, wouldn't trade it for a thing.

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