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Vtec-lol 06-06-2013 11:13 AM

I/C sprayer? Worth it?
Im a new wrx owner and my 03' is bone stock. In the next few weeks i'll be adding turbo back exhaust, Cobb AP, already have K&N drop in filter. But my question is are the custom I/C sprayers worth it? Ive read the how to articles and articles on other wrx owners making them, however no one ever says anything about the end result. So those of you who know are these worth the trouble or not? Personally i really dont see how it could be that much of a "power" boost?!?! What do you all think, thanks

man show 06-06-2013 01:47 PM

They're more trouble than they're worth. You'd benefit more from an air splitter in the scoop and/or a larger scoop.

Vtec-lol 06-06-2013 02:32 PM

Thanks man, thats what I was figuring. Im getting ready to do a few mods and I dont like wasting my time or money. Any heads up on scoops/ splitters and brands. Ive been tryn to search for best bang for buck mods. So far ive locked turbo back exhaust and im ordering cobb ap.

pzr2874 06-06-2013 03:08 PM

I thinks it makes a nice difference based off boost temps (I saw a significant drop in temps faster than without back in 2008 on my 2007WRX). Those 2 are probably your best bang for buck (AP and downpipe), but a NX Express IC chiller is a nice addition as well (make sure you do your research for this as it's no joke for launching). Roll runs (once moving) are a different thing....

edit: just noticed where you are.... what's your elevation? 0?

Here's my old idea.... yeah.... well... didn't end up well:


and then:


Take it with a grain ..... Did a NX Express with my 07STi... didn't like the pull (it was way too hard of a hit for ME).... Had it on for a few months and then sold the kit..

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