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scoobyrex117 07-28-2011 06:45 PM

Help with my emissions!
Hey guys! im new to this forum! just need a little help with my emissions for obd2 in CO! so my current setup is a full turbo back exhaust. catless uppipe, downpipe and midpipe. Obviously i know i need cats to pass emissions. I dont have any stock emissions equipment besides my downpipe. So will i pass emissions still if i just throw on my stock downpipe? and throw my wrx back to its stock tune instead of my stage 2 that i currently have on? and still leave my up pipe and midpipe catless?

Mikol84 10-21-2011 05:19 PM

Just put it back to stock you don't need the uppipe back in. As long as you have the down pipe with the two catts you will pass on two speed idle. I ref my car in California with just the down pipe and stock exhaust. As long as your stock Catt is still good than you will pass. Just make sure before you get there to smog it run the car on the highway or 20 mins of driving to get the Catt hot. And just leave it idling so the Catt stays hot when you get there. Revert the map to stock.

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