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tunedx 08-21-2010 10:56 AM

dead oem turbo
My buddies 04 WRX oem turbo went for shit. What do u recommend replacing it with? Price point is $800.00 - $1000.00. He plans to upgrade the exhaust also. Not looking at something to crazy that would require a tune.

Any suggestions please???

newtothegame 08-21-2010 12:25 PM

If he isnt going to tune then he needs to replace it with another stock turbo, even if he gets an exhaust he needs a tune.

tunedx 08-21-2010 02:37 PM

Ok guess he needs a tune then. What turbo would u recommend then without dropping alot of coinage?

RcrsWetDream 08-21-2010 04:07 PM

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On an 04 I'd say a 16g sized turbo or the STi's VF39.

tunedx 08-21-2010 04:17 PM

How much for a 16g or sti turbo? Where is the ideal place to buy from? Any specs to look for?

Chase 08-21-2010 05:58 PM

A 16g is going to eat up that $1000 by itself...

Grab another stocker for $100 or $200 for the time being. The most mild upgrade point would put you above your $800 - $1000 range. That being an sti upgrade...

STi turbo...VF39 around $300
STi injectors...around $300
STi Topmount...$300
Fuel Pump...$75
Tune...$350 or AP for $450 used

You guys familiar with tuning or Accessports?

tunedx 08-21-2010 09:27 PM

Who do u recommend for sourcing these parts?

newtothegame 08-21-2010 10:17 PM

Just start looking around, either on craiglists, or, or you can google it see what you come up with.

BTW Chase you forgot the TBE (I know it was mentioned but thats money spent also). Not to mention a catless up pipe should be added also. I would just replace with a stock turbo and keep saving up until you have enough to really put into the car if you want to upgrade it.

brfatal 08-22-2010 11:04 AM

Ya, if that car is completely stock then that $1,000 is going to disappear quickly. If he doesn't want to replace it with a stock turbo he's gonna have to increase his budget. Add an intercooler hose kit to Chase's list for STI TMIC fitment as well as an STI intercooler splitter and the STI hoodscoop needed to accommodate it.

Boober909 08-23-2010 01:01 AM

i am doing a similar setup i just got a vf39 turbo for 350, bigger tmic, and i am going to buy my fuel pump/injectors from deatschwerks so that will run me about 500 with shipping, but you can ship them old injectors for 100 credit.
my accessport cost me 500 shipped used, and i already have full exhaust (ebay cheapo, $500 shipped)/catless uppipe. with this setup i will go to approx 345 hp from 230. i'm assuming for an 04 it's similar gains, but you are looking at at least 2 grand or 2500.

Chase 08-24-2010 10:07 AM

There's an 07 factory turbo from a WRX with 25k on it and no shaft play for $100 right now on Craigslist in Portland. Again, if budget issues exist, something like this would be the way to go.

tunedx 08-27-2010 06:18 PM

My buddy said he can purchase 18g mistubshi turbo for 800.00. Is this a decent turbo?

Chase 08-27-2010 08:01 PM

depends on the miles on it... he is going to get the supporting mods as well?

newtothegame 08-27-2010 10:23 PM

Like Chase said, not to bad a deal. But you wont be able to run that turbo for what its worth without getting more parts to support it. And getting those parts will be out of the price range you put out.

jwtarbaj 08-27-2010 10:44 PM

[quote=newtothegame;249301]If he isnt going to tune then he needs to replace it with another stock turbo, even if he gets an exhaust he needs a tune.[/quote]

I have to disagree, an exhaust on a 02-05 WRX 2.0L does not require a tune, there are no issues with bolting on a TBE and or uppipe on the 2.0L no boost creep like the 2.5L 06+

If you want to maximize power you need a tune but that is a whole different story.

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