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#1 Old 02-19-2003, 01:44 PM
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SPD tuning advise vs. what everyone else says including COBB

I'm looking into exhaust systems, and after reading almost everything on the web I thought I had picked out just what I wanted...and then I read the Cobb tuning website. Every other tuning shop recommends 3" pipe while Cobb says that its totally not necessary and the 2.5" stock size is fine unless your looking for 500hp, they also say that 3" pipe will actually cause the turbo to have longer lag. Also, other shops say the stock engine can safely handle 350hp at least, while cobb claims anything over 280hp will require replacing the turbo and other internal engine parts.

My performance plans for my WRX:

APS turbo-back and up-pipe
Xede chip
replace turbo inlet hose and intercooler hoses

I think this will leave me right around 300hp...Should I go with smaller pipe for the exhaust? Also, will I need to change my turbo (which then means I need to change my intercooler) or any other engine parts so I dont run into problems? Thanks for all the help...sorry the post is so long
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go with 3" for every pound of backpressure on a turbo it acts like 2. You may loose alittle low end but not much. Other companys with large R&D cant be wrong when the average size of a catback is between 75mm and 80mm which is around 2.95 to 3.15 inches and most downpipes are 3 inch.

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To be honest with you, I really dont like Cobb tuning. I more of a Vishnu whore. Vishnue is better with customer support anyway. Check it out @

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I've almost raked in 1000 post over at COBB Tuning. I don't know where you saw that they like 2.5" exhaust and that 3" pipe will cause more turbo lag, but COBB does not say that. You should not be mis-quoting vendors like that. Get all your fact straight before you post next time.

COBB's catback exhaust IS 3 inches seen here:

P.S. ScoobySport is the company that likes 2.5". Now change your headline to reflect that please.

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#5 Old 02-20-2003, 03:42 PM
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Mattr762 is totally right... there were two links next to each other and I thought I was reading COBB' apologies I didn't mean to misquote them. The site I was actually refering to is SPD tuning.
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