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So I have read and read, I am not new to tuners, I came from DSMtuners but now I own a wrx I dont go there any more.

Quick question and explanation, on the cobb tuner can you only change maps 100 times then your SOL? How do we know its a 100 flashes on the ECU? So do you just flash it once and use all the differnt maps? These simple questions I couldnt find and I did do a search, so I guess some answers would be greatly apperciated.

Can the dealership know if the car has been running a differnt map?
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Well, let's see if I can help...

The ECU's flash memory threshold is estimated at about 100 flashed before it's burnt and un-usable. That's a lot of flashes, IMO. With the AP, you flash a base map, which ever base map you choose, and that's the only time you will flash your ECU. The "real time" maps are maps that are run ON the ECU, but not stored inside. I like to think of it in terms of volatile and non-volatile RAM.. (sp?) The real time map is run till you take it off, or your ECU has been hard-reset (disconnect battery). Then it reverts back to whatever the last base map was being used.

As far as the dealership knowing, I'm not sure. BUT, before you take the car in for any thing, just Re-flash the ECU back to Stock-Mode using the base map COBB provides.

Hope that helps, but it probably won't since I suck at explaining stuff.

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Ya basically the "flash" only occurs when switching base maps, not real time maps. So if you're running a 93 oct map and you're in area where you can only get 91oct, you switch the real time map to 91oct w/o actually changing the base map. What you would've just done there is not considered a flash, so it doesn't count as a strike against those 100 or so flashes the comp can take. Thats the best I can explain it, when in doubt, call Cobb tech support.
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Ya, calling cobb sounds like a good plan, I think I get what your saying, so there is "one" true flash for the base and then you just switch it at times to your other maps. See thats what I wanted to know, I think you guys answerd my question just fine.

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