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treystoys 11-08-2005 11:41 PM

Billy Boat / Cat quiestion
Hey guys...sorry if this seems engine management oriented, but the basic thoughts about this post has to do with my exhaust...thanks ahead of time!

Anyhow, just did the Accessport stage 1 93 octane map...and must say for the 15 minutes of hooking up and downloading, and the hour or two of driving round with the wife and daughter...secretly letting the ecu and AP get acquanted ;) I'm very very pleased!

Within the next week I'll be getting a Billy Boat 3" turbo back with the dual 3.5" tips. Talking with my tuner/builder buddy from my dealership, I've decided to go with the mid pipe cat. I was just wanting to here some opinions from you guys about the choice of going with the mide pipe cat, or the down pipe cat, and if either will be less likely to cause CELs? Also with the AP stage 2 maps, am I correctly remembering that I'll be able to widen the o2 sensor parimeters to avoid CELs at all?

Thanks again


treystoys 11-10-2005 12:23 AM

Hey guys, anyone want to respond here...I'm sure similar situations occure with just about any brand exhaust, so feel free to respond no matter the exhaust brand name.



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