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Ludachris 06-21-2004 02:01 PM

Before you ask a technical question, read this
As Joey already mentioned, we've been receiving a number of repeated questions lately. Many of these questions are answered in the <a href=>FAQ forum</a>, in our <a href=>Tech Guide</a>, in our <a href=>Tech Articles</a>, or by just doing a simple <a href=>keyword search</a>. Though most members would be happy to answer any question you might have, please help us cut down on many of the repetitive questions by using those 4 resources before you ask a question. It will make everyone a bit happier to help you with your request for help.

We take pride in our community being very family-oriented, compared to many of the "fratenity-type" communities you'll find out there. In order to ensure we keep up this type of environment, we ask that you be considerate of everyone by not asking repetitive questions and not screaming at those who do ask repetitve questions. Thanks guys/gals.

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