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alexanderig 10-29-2012 02:14 PM

2004 front mount sizing
I have a intercooler that is 28x7x2.5 from a previous project. Now is this a good size intercooler to use? I'm planning to run bolt ons and a Cobb ap. it won't be going on any time soon but I'm not sure if its too small or i should just sell it to make room and invest in another one down the road. I've also read that when running a front mount intercooler it is best to remove the scoop any insight on this? Thanks in advance for the help

man show 10-29-2012 02:36 PM

Judging by this list of WRX/STi compatible FMIC sizes, it will probably fit:

APS: 9.5" x 33.5" x 2.5" (500), 9.5" x 28" x 4.5" (650) 9.5" x 28 x 4.5" (725) 3 1/4" x 9 3/8" x 33 1/2" (525)
ARC: 9.5" x 22.5" x 3"
AVO: 8.8" x 23.5" x 3.5"
Blitz: 10.5" x 24" x 2.7"
CSS: 9" x 29" x 3.7"
Cosworth: 18" x 12.1" x 3" (08/09 model)
GReddy: 9.6" x 23.6" x 3" (based on metric conversion)
HKS: 9.6" x 23.6" x 2.5" (based on metric conversion)
Hyperflow: 9.4" x 26.3" x 3.5" (based on metric conversion) or 10” x 30” x 4.5” (Monster version)
Injen: 6.25" x 23.5" x 3"
OBX: 9" x 20" 2.5"
P&L Motorsports: 10" x 25" x 3.25"
Perrin: 9" x 28" x 3.6"
Process West: 9.25" x 25" x 3.5" (based on metric conversion)
MRT: 8" x 28" x 4"
TurboXS: 9.5" x 29.5 x 3.5" (02-07 model) 9.5" x 25.5" x 3.5" (08/09 model)
WBR: 9" x 30" x 3"
XO2 Racing: 9" x 24" x 3" or 12" x 24" x 3"

(found here: [url=]FMIC FAQ: Read if you are thinking of buying one! - NASIOC[/url])

The main reason for removing the hood scoop when switching to an FMIC is that it no longer needs to perform its main function of directing air to the TMIC. It may still provide a little bit of fresh air to help keep the turbo cool, but more than anything, it will just allow water and debris to get inside the engine compartment which is not necessarily a good thing. Deleting the scoop will help with general aerodynamics and it will also help air flow through the engine compartment beginning at the FMIC which is what you ultimately want. Many people keep the scoop anyway because they like the way it looks or they may get fancy and mount an oil cooler where the TMIC used to be. There are a variety of different aftermarket hood scoop deletes available as well as some DIY options, or you could trade hoods with a non-turbo 04/05 Impreza or buy an aftermarket hood which doesn't have a scoop.

I don't believe the Cobb AP has any off the shelf maps available for FMIC setups, but I could be wrong. You'll probably need to get a protune once you install it.

brfatal 10-29-2012 02:39 PM

It will fit, but what are you using it for? What size turbo?

BLAZE2099 10-29-2012 02:43 PM

Nice list John.
And I will second brfatal's question and raise you an aggressive stage two.

alexanderig 10-29-2012 03:58 PM

I plan on running the stock turbo, and tuning wise ill have to do more research if I can't use the Cobb ap

brfatal 10-29-2012 04:53 PM

That FMIC would only hurt your performance. The core is way too large for the amount of air that the stock peashooter pushes. The biggest advantages of smaller turbo are their responsiveness and spool speed. You'll only be hurting both by adding a core that's too large for the application and several feet of intercooler piping to connect it.

If you want an inexpensive intercooler upgrade, I would recommend an STI TMIC.

psinuse 10-29-2012 05:34 PM

I run a TMIC with a 20g and make great power...well kind

man show 10-29-2012 06:09 PM

[quote=psinuse;287351]I run a TMIC with a 20g and make great power...well kind[/quote]

Uh, yeah, me too ;)

psinuse 10-29-2012 06:59 PM

[quote=man show;287353]Uh, yeah, me too ;)[/quote]

TDO5 or TDO6? Mines the 6.

man show 10-29-2012 07:02 PM

Like, omigawd. Me toooooooOOoo!

psinuse 10-29-2012 08:47 PM

[quote=man show;287355]Like, omigawd. Me toooooooOOoo![/quote]

Okay I had that coming to me....but your running a 2.5 mine is only a 2.3...

brfatal 10-29-2012 09:43 PM

I ran an STI TMIC on my TD06H-20G for a short time. It got too hot though.

man show 10-30-2012 06:27 AM

[quote=psinuse;287357]Okay I had that coming to me....but your running a 2.5 mine is only a 2.3...[/quote]

Heh, sorry... I couldn't help it :p

alexanderig 10-30-2012 07:22 AM

I got a pm for the intercooler on another forum so hopefully it'll be sold. Thanks for the info guys. Going to look into a sti top mount down the road

man show 10-30-2012 08:22 AM

If you have any plans to upgrade your turbo, you might want to consider a Turbo XS TMIC. They're known for decent quality, fairly priced, and considerably larger than STi TMICs. There really are tons of options out there, but for a daily driver, a TMIC is probably the way to go (quicker power delivery) unless you decide to go with a "stupidly large" turbo.

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