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gohanmoka 05-18-2010 03:03 AM

2002 wrx conversion
hello i just got a 2002 wrx and i love it. but is there a conversion to make it look like a 2004

newtothegame 05-18-2010 11:15 AM

There is a conversion. It requires headlamps, bumper, fenders, hood, grille. I also believe it includes the radiator support and some other things. It would probably be easier and cheaper to sell/trade yours and get the 04/05 honestly.

VisiX 05-18-2010 11:37 AM

Just do a craigslist conversion (sell your 02 and buy an 04).

mosc 05-18-2010 12:04 PM

If you can find a guy with an 04 that wants to look like an 02, it's actually not that much labor. Buying the parts though would be more money than it's worth compared to just selling it and buying a newer model.

Note though the tail lights etc are not easy to swap. I would recommend not doing the rear. They don't look THAT different anyway.

El Rexo dos mil 2 09-05-2010 11:37 PM

then buy an 04 why would you want a bug eye (best car of the year) to look like an 04 each Impreza year has something different and unique about them. Dont try to make a 02 look like 04 respect how they look and work with it. sorry to be harsh but its that simple.

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