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What would you do?

Hi all, first time poster been reading this forum for last week or so. I've been doing google searches, forum searches, and just general research to help in my decision, but it's still not clear. Here's my problem:

Two weeks or so ago now I had an affair on my current car. I took a WRX STI (07) for a test drive wanted to see what all the hype was about. I currently drive an 03, tiburon GT, v6, 6spd. Wow the STI is nice, but with a 34k price tag just wow.... My tiburon is a bit over stock: intake, exhaust, tint, wheels etc... I was going to take the tib to the FI stage either turbo or s/c but after getting it all down on paper it's just not worth it considering the block is only supposed to be able to handle 300hp before everyone recomends a built block.

The tib is worth 8-9.5k to private buyer, crap if it's traded in, and I owe 5k or so on it. That being said I won't spend more then 30k to start with, and prefer the 20-25k range. The problem I have is finding out the main difference between the WRX (05 - 06) and the STI. I know the STI is a 6spd and is rated 50hp higher then the WRX. Is the STI just modded? Are they the same 2.5L engine just different turbo's? It seems the earlier WRX's were a 2.0L or are they all 2.0L? What is max HP for block on WRX vs STI? And then to top off my questions a co-worker has a 05, legacy GT limited, 22k miles, zero mods for sale he wants 19.5k for it. I think that's a great price but only reference is browsing autotrader and ebay for pricing....(he's also been trying to sell for last 2mo hence the low price, may go lower)

So what would you do?

A. Buy a new/used 05-06 WRX and mod it
B. Buy a used STI and mod at later date (doesn't seem smart, hard to find one I'm sure that's not beat on)
C. Buy co-workers Legacy GT, it's got leather and will still be fast when modded.

Very sorry this is long, but after reading the threads about this and seeing how this forum is run it looks like this is a great place for information. So thank you for reading all this, and whatever opinion you have i'm all ears! I'm into performance over looks and just want a fast car.
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I would buy a used/non modded WRX/STi.

STi if the price was right.


Second thought go for the Legacy GT, same power plant as the STi just not the suspension goodies....

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id say used stock sti they can be had for 22k if you look hard enough and are willing to go a little distance.

the sti tranny is worth the money, its a bigger block its a 2.5l compared to 2.0l of wrx except in 06+ wrxxs now they have the 2.5l also. the sti has a bigger turbo better suspension it is a more solid platform but legacy 2.5gts are super nice my friend has one its quick as hell.
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Ok, so just between the WRX/STI you'd go STI? Ok, see tranny being good makes more sense now if it's a better platform to go big HP....It'll be tough to find one of these not abused though I think, but who knows. I'm willing to go anywhere in the US to get it if the price is right. I'd like to see 400-450hp through mods and if WRX won't get me their or would but then need drivetrain upgrades tranny or block whatever I'd be in same boat I am now with the Tib....

I'm assuming with this line of thought the legacy GT would have the same issues the WRX would with drivetrain....

I'll wait and see who else responds. Sorry to you old timers sure this has come up before, but try searching the forums for "WRX vs STI" "Legacy GT" "WRX compared to STI" and see what it comes up with.... spent a few days sorting it but still didn't get good info, so opinions are very appreciated.
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Search ebay motors for an 04-05 sti. You can probley find one for 22-25k.
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Sti is the way to go if you were to get the wrx and mod it you would be searching for a sti tranny because wrx tranny cant handle 400hp it will crap out on you very quicly. STI comes 300hp stock and no need for any block upgrade unless you want insane hp and comes wit upgraded brakes,suspension and many other things. search the auto trader or some other places and fing a used sti at the dealer even if the ptice is 25k u might be able to talk him down some, and also when they show you what they are offering for your trade in always try to ask more. You have to husle a lil that's why they are called dealers. when i was buying my the asking price was $19995 i wend home and looked up on the com to see how much was the car worth and it was lil over 17k so i went back and talked it down to 16k then it came to my trade in, they were offering 8k for my 00 yukon and i ended up getting 12k if you like to argue a litle you should be able to get a good deal unless the dealer you are dealing with sucks. Good luck with shopping!
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http://www.cars101.com/impreza.html Go towards the bottom and they will have the specs listed side-by-side making for easy comparison. 05 was the last year for the 2.0L wrx but the 06 2.5L is not the same as the STi 2.5L,its more like the Forrester XT 2.5L. You could aslo get a used 02-03 and swap a STi tranny in or get a set of gears for it and still not break the bank.

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Thanks for the responses. I'm going to be looking for a used STI then it just seems to be the better route if I can find one that wasn't beat to piss
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Good luck, I went to denver looking for WRX's and STI's that was the best place to look to get a car, you can find used STI's for about 20k.
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I would definately go for the used STI, its just a much better platform to start with.

400hp is a pretty big goal, and it will take less to get there on an STI than a regular WRX.

Buy the used STI, then get a downpipe, cat back, and ECU tune to make it a "stage II" STI. That will really light your pants on fire when you hit the gas, but if you still want more, then you're looking at droping a significant amount of cash.

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