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mr_no_money 02-23-2013 10:32 PM

Thoughts on High Mileage
Hey all,

I am anxiously awaiting the day I purchase my Subaru but I have wanted some guidance from the community. For some background, I've loved Subaru's for 3 years now, and I have always wanted an STI. My dreams of an STI have been put off by the reality that an STI is a dream car for later in life, and I am a broke high-school student with un-supportive parents of my car ambitions.

So now, I have settled upon a WRX. (Depending on how generous my parents are, if at all) I will probably be looking for a bugeye WRX, with a maximum price of $6-$7,000. I have spent countless, countless hours researching anything and everything I can find out about subarus, but one thing I'd like personal feedback on is mileage. For a car that cheap, I'm looking at ads with 168k miles, or well over 100k miles. I know that their transmissions are weak, and stock WRXs are the way to go. (I know more than the basics, but I'm doing my best to keep this post from being a novel). I will not be purchasing a car until summertime, (hopefully June-ish) but I was just curious what I should aim for.

Over time I would like to do a turboback exhaust (catless dp) with an accessport, and then get into heavier and heavier mods (as the money allows) but I was just wondering what would my best bet be. Saving a couple grand and going with a stock bugeye with 168k? Or spending a couple extra g's to get a slightly less mileage one but then have to slave to get money for mods? Obviously the lower miles the better, but I am basically looking for some guidance. I'll be honest, Im not going to baby this car, but then again im not going to beat it to hell and back. I plan on building an engine for it (assuming the money allows) later on in its lifetime, but who knows what'll happen. If you've taken the time to read this, I appreciate it, and any guidance will be taken and considered.


brfatal 02-23-2013 11:22 PM

There is no chance that I would ever buy a WRX with over 100k miles in your shoes. IMO any form of modding at 168k miles is a short term death wish for your wallet.

BLAZE2099 02-25-2013 07:42 AM

Wait until you can find a good deal. It is very possible to find one between 90-100k for under 7grand. But as far as modding goes, don't go beyond exhaust, intake and a tune. The car will need other maintenance. Suspension among other important bits. Use this first one as your learning tool. Than when te and cash allows, buy something newer and more acceptable to modifications.

man show 02-25-2013 08:03 AM

Keep in mind that every 30k is a semi-major maintenance milestone: [url=]Subaru maintenance schedules and new car break-in period- 2000 through 2009, links for 2010, 2011...[/url]

If the car has about 100k on it (or a little more), make sure the timing belt and all components have been changed. If you do the job yourself, it'll cost you several hundred bucks. If you have a dealer do it, you're probably looking at a grand or more. Tires are another expensive issue - make sure all four are the same exact brand and model and ensure they're within 1/32" to 2/32" of each other or you risk damaging your differentials. Generally, all four tires must be replaced at the same time. Use these items as bargaining chips to help lower the price.

Here's some more info: [url=]Car Buying FAQ: read if you are buying/selling/leasing a Subaru or other car - NASIOC[/url]

Good luck and keep us posted !Thumbs Up

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