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Should I buy this WRX

So I wanna buy this 2004 WRX on craigslist.

The post says at idle there's a knocking sound, thinks its a rod bearing. Might need an engine rebuild or replacement, original motor has 128k miles. Interior is stated to be in perfect condition and whatnot. Its listed at 5500 OBO(the post has been up for a while so I dunno if he'd be desperate at all to sell) which all in all seems like a pretty good deal if the engine problem could be fixed for a reasonable price. I'm just inquiring on how much a replacement might be or a rebuild. Assuming everything else was in good, working order and whatnot, would this be a good deal?

I live in Nashville, TN.

Any info would be helpful, thanks.

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I would buy it sure. But 5,500 the guy is one some kind of drugs. You can find good rollers with blown motors for 2K all day.

Rebuild costs really depend what you want to do and how bad the motor is. Could be done for under 1,000 if the case halves and everything is in good shape and you just need a crank/bearing/rod (stock mind you) and it will only go up from there.

You could also get a completely refreshed stock engine (with a warranty) from somewhere like Outfront Motorsports for around $2K.

Bottom line, if it's knocking I'd offer the guy 3K and wouldn't pay one penny more than 3,500 if the car is in perfect shape.
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Yeah 5500 is high for a car with high miles and a blown engine. Unless the car is 99% rust free, has new parts (wheel bearings, clutch, brakes, tires) I wouldn't pay that much. You will spend well over $1k to refresh that engine even if you DIY as you SHOULD send the block to a machine shop for align boring/honing and cleaning, why risk metal shavings from a spun bearing working their way through the oil galleys back in and ruining the engine again?

If you don't plan on doing a heavy build (over 350whp) you could drop in a new engine from Subaru and get a warranty on it (only if it doesn't have mods). Otherwise I would suggest you start building an engine for it from fresh parts (or with the block machined/cleaned), forged pistons, rods, ACL bearings, new case studs/gaskets (OEM gasets). This will allow you to build on a good amount while costing about the same as buying a new engine yet being able to support more power down the road.

It's really your call, go take a look at it. Ask to hop in, turn it over and run for several seconds to hear the sound(s) yourself..shit bring a camera to upload or ask a dealer what they think. If the seller refuses to let you turn it on then you should see a red flag, if it's knocking already it isn't going to hurt it any worse idling for several seconds. You don't have to buy that day.
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