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myjdm 03-01-2013 07:12 PM

.►► Real THERMAL IMAGING Night Vision Custom Install
I did this on my g35, I'm doing it on my wrx next. Got a FLIR thermal imaging night vision camera for a 99-03 Cadillac Deville, install a 5" monitor above my CD player and install the camera behind the grill.

Cadillac camera is pretty expensive, usually sells for $800-1200 on ebay but I found one locally for $300. Be careful when buying the camera, there are 2 versions. 2nd gen version is smaller and better. 1st gen version had a bad seal and water would get in it and it would rust out all the electronics inside (don't buy). I've had four 2nd gen version cameras and they all worked fine.

[B]Here is a video of the camera working @: [URL=""] [/B][/URL]

How it looks in the Cady
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BLAZE2099 03-04-2013 09:12 PM

This sounds neat, and with my luck with deer....hush! It would maybe be a nice thing to have. Maybe I'll do a bit more research on it to see if it would be worth it, would need to detect at far distances. So I could spot them in distant fields.

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