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awesome...that was probably the most helpful post in this i dont need a permanent laptop just one i can take in and out right?

Im going to hold off on the cable and everything till i am readdy to start putting stuff in...but, can i put a bov ( i kno it doesnt do anything performance wise, i just like the sound) in and not need to reconfigure the EM?
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Yes the guy at the dealer was correct about the SPT exhuast and intake. Well kind of. Recent dyno tests show that the STI gains 30hp and 20 ft of torque. If I remember correctly when they tested the WRX it gained 18hp and 20ft of torque. If you want intake and exhuast and don't want to worry about your warrenty being voided then I would say go for it. I have the spt exhuast and love it. It's just loud enough to hear but not so loud that you have to turn the radio up to hear people talk or attract the police. I opted to go with the k&n drop in style filter so I can't comment first hand about the spt intake but from what I've read about others who have it they like it and felt a difference in power. The only intakes worth buying are the SPT and Cobb. These are the only two intakes that generate power gains, won't screw with your ECU, and the SPT is the only one that won't screw with your warrenty.

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Ok one last think

im not sure if i need em or not for the BOV, SPT Intake, Turbo Back Exhaust

Which one do i need EM for?

and i know BOV wont do anything performance wise i just want one
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If you're determined to get a bov, go ahead, just make SURE you research the product before you buy it. Some bovs make our cars run REALLY crappy, while others not so much. I don't know much about bovs 'cause I never considered buying one, so you should talk to people that have had experience with different bovs. The intake, depending on which one you get, will NOT need engine management. I believe the spt, for example, will run fine with the stock tune. Just try to get some heat shields for it. However, the turboback for SURE will ned em. Otherwise you'll definitely run into problems once you hit wot.

Btw, you won't need em if you get just the spt catback (no downpipe), but there's going to be VERY minimal power gain since the most restrictive components (i.e. downpipe) are still there.
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BOV will and can effect the way your car operates....that's why Subaru designed the one they have...You need a tune if you get a could 'get away' with not tuning with a TBE...but anytime you mess with the way air moves in or out of the engine you will need a tune...

Here's a different type of bov....kinda like the APS models...the only type I would use; this isn't a WRX but the principal is the same

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alrighty. here you go. wrxs will run super rich between shifts with a bov because the maf sensor is used to having the air vented back into the system and not into the atmosphere. this can be counteracted by getting a bov that will let you vent 50% back into the intake and 50% atmosphere. you will hear the sound and it wont affect your car as much.
for the intake dont waste your money on the subaru one. look around on here and at and find the silencer delete mod. this does the same thing as the subaru intake basically. it makes the car sound throatier and you will like it.
a TBE NEEDS em no if ands or buts. i agree with WRexd open ecu is a great way to do it. i am in the process of tweaking my car using the xpt stage 2 as a base to put down smoother, more reliable and better power than you get with a 600$ cobb ap for about 500$ less. you can get amazing results using open ecu. heres what i would do:

Get used to driving the stick until you are completely smooth and cnfident with it.
do the silencer delete mod
use openecu for em
if you really want the bigger top mount ic you dont need a front mount unless you have a massive turbo
and if you must the bov.
congrats on the purchase though. be careful or you might get the modding disease like all of us on this forum have haha its addicting as hell
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