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Scratz98 08-01-2014 07:48 PM

Need future advice! Please unload.
Hey all, lets get to the point. I'm looking to buy a 2002 or 2003 WRX sedan for my first car. Before you absolutely diminish me on how this is a terrible choice (not experienced enough, insurance, blah blah. At least here me out). Ive been driving for 2 years (Trucks and Cars of different sizes) and finally feel comfortable. Im turning 19 in a few weeks. Getting to the tips part. A 2002 or 2003 obviously is not going to be found brand new unless extremely lucky and most will have over 100,000 miles (or about 162,000 km give or take) on it. So Im just wondering what I should do since im buying used. I have already checked a different thread that told me everything I should check before buying but lets say I want to engine swap, which should I go for? I'm not a car mechanic nor do I have extreme knowledge on the parts of the car besides the basics, I do though hope to soon learn more. I am not purchasing this car so I can "stance" it or make it "hella flush". I just love Subaru and feel I should get an old but nice one since im in love with the bug eyes ;) Other then that do you guys have tips on how I can learn more about upgrading the car parts? I mean if its really in a condition where it needs minimal replacements sure Ill do it (like clutch, shifter, brake fluid, clutch fluid, etc)

thekamikaze kid 08-01-2014 07:59 PM

get on craigslist and price a few. if you have any specific questions we can help you better. especially if you post the ad up here. good luck. oh and i like your taste in cars ;)

Scratz98 08-01-2014 08:28 PM

Thanks! I mean, I am fairly young and most adults don't trust us teens/young adults with wrx's and sti's and to be honest I don't blame them but I find it a bit unfair that everyone should be judged that way. I am a very responsible driver and even I am backing down from an 06 STi till I have more experience.

thekamikaze kid 08-01-2014 08:41 PM

well no one will judge you here! if you feel you are ready then go for it! these cars are really fun. as long as you dont abuse them they will last. when i was your age i was racing my friends every chance i could get. lol. just drive responsibly and you will earn your respect. if you hasve any questions let us know there are a lot of guys here that know their stuff.

Scratz98 08-01-2014 08:46 PM

Well to be honest my biggest question would be where can I learn more about car parts? I don't really have any hands on experience sadly (Wish I had), when I get my car I plan to install all the parts myself which means Im going to need efficiently learn how to. For instance if you were to tell me to swap out a bumper or put in new coil overs I would not know how to do it, but I really want to learn. I don't want to constantly bring my car to the mechanic to swap parts. Personally I see it as a waste of money and a learning experience if I don't do it myself. If it is a fatal malfunction thats a different story but these minor modifications I want to be able to do myself.

sleepr 08-02-2014 07:28 AM

I would recommend registering yourself on NASIOC. You will find a lot of good information on that forum with respect to car parts, what works, and what doesn't work. There's a lot of banter as well, but you will soon be able to realize who the serious folks are and those are the people whose posts you'll want to pay attention to (as they are usually the tuners, mechanics, and amateur racers that are affiliated with independent shops).

Take what you have studied from that site, come back to our site here, and let's have a friendly discussion about what you are thinking about.

As for the process of purchasing your car, thekamikaze kid gives some good advice. I believe this thread is an example of what he is suggesting you do (reading the first couple pages is enough):


Additionally, here's a thread you might want to read:


That being said, welcome! It is obvious that you are being honest with (and about) yourself when it comes to cars. We like people like that around here!

Scratz98 08-02-2014 05:18 PM

Thanks, I just visited the forums. This may sound like much but can you please link me some threads? I mean I just don't know where to start. Any beginner threads or beginner tips? Engine threads? Something? lol If not, its alright don't sweat it. Thanks!

Scratz98 08-02-2014 07:41 PM

Also what are the stages for the Cobb Access port? Lets say someone has a Stage 2 STi, what does that mean?

sleepr 08-02-2014 07:47 PM

[quote=Scratz98;464201]Thanks, I just visited the forums. This may sound like much but can you please link me some threads? I mean I just don't know where to start. Any beginner threads or beginner tips? Engine threads? Something? lol If not, its alright don't sweat it. Thanks![/quote]

The thing is, I usually don't know where to start either. So I go to the search page and start doing keyword searches. Gradually, I start narrowing things down with extra keywords. I'm not going to lie to you, it's a process that takes time and patience. Go ahead, give it a try!

[url=]NASIOC - Search Forums[/url]

Also, you can search this forum site by using the search field at the upper right corner of the page. Just make sure to change the icon from "Google search" to "VB search".

thekamikaze kid 08-02-2014 07:56 PM

try the links sleepr gave you first. then go find a car! post the ad up on here and we can tell you if it is a good buy. there are a few good how to videos on youtube on installing parts and such. from my experience most people at first get a cobb access port, and either go stage 1 or stage 2. try [url=]COBB Tuning - The most complete vehicle tuning solution on the planet.[/url] and [url=]COBB Tuning - Accessport Off The Shelf Maps[/url] do a lot of reading on the site especially the map notes as to what parts to put on. the "off the shelf maps" require specific parts. here are the map notes for the 02-03 wrx. [url=]COBB Tuning - Accessport Off The Shelf Maps[/url] these are the maps just click "notes" and read read read!

Scratz98 08-02-2014 09:20 PM

To be honest, this is probably the most solid/nicest one I found on Craigslist under 170,000 miles. Not looking to buy this exact one but what do you guys think? [url=]2003 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX MANUAL[/url]

thekamikaze kid 08-02-2014 09:37 PM

this is around what you want to get, i would guess 6500-6800 id pay for that. looks mostly stock, but the engine bay looks a little dirty. it might have been beat on. some questions you would ask are what mods it has and if it has been tuned for them depending on what mods it has. always of course a test drive will tell you if there is anything wrong with it. some of the other guys know more than me, id wait for them to chime in.

Scratz98 08-02-2014 11:55 PM

This is the page Ive been looking on [url=]new york for sale / wanted classifieds "2002 wrx" - craigslist[/url]

If you wanted to take a look. I don't like how since I put 2002/2003 it brings up other cars like BMW's or Nissan's

thekamikaze kid 08-03-2014 12:14 AM

Be patient. Don't jump on anything just yet. Wait until you find the right one.

Scratz98 08-03-2014 01:07 AM

[quote=thekamikaze kid;464281]Be patient. Don't jump on anything just yet. Wait until you find the right one.[/quote]

Youre right, sorry.

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