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xWRXx2NRx 01-26-2014 02:54 PM

Looking to get a GD2 or GG2 2002-2003 bugeye sedan or wagon.
So it's been a while since I've had a Subie. But now I'm coming back. I'm looking to buy a bone stock 2002-2003 Bugeye WRX (not sti). I'm going to be purchasing one from a reputable dealership. But my question is should I settle for one that has between 100,000 to160,000 miles or should I look for lower mileage? I'm willing to put in the work on the car, so working on it, time and space is no issue for me, I'M A REAL SUBIE GEARHEAD, I do all of my own work. I'm not looking to do any major mods to it at all, I'm not looking to put down big power either at least not in this car I want. It will be my daily driver, my play car will be another GD2 or GG2. Just gonna do an intake, exhaust, tune, brakes, wheels and tires and minor suspension upgrades. Just want to know the thoughts and opinions of other owners and enthusiasts like myself. Please let me know what you think. [URL][/URL] :D

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BLAZE2099 01-26-2014 06:29 PM

Lower miles the better IMO Lionel

Brockton 01-26-2014 10:21 PM

Lower milage is always a good thing, but remember that these cars are over 10 years old, so its going to be hard to find one with lower mileage.

xWRXx2NRx 01-26-2014 10:40 PM

Yeah that's why I was saying I'm willing and able to put in the work on the car if I have to. These just happen to be one of my favorite year model and body style besides the `06-`07 Hawkeye but newer models are a little over my budget. I'm fine with finding one with no more than 140,000 miles just not sure what all the risks are with getting a stock Subie with over 100,000 original miles on it. And that's why I'd rather get one from a dealership.

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xWRXx2NRx 01-26-2014 11:09 PM

Any other opinions, knowledge and advice would be greatly appreciated, so keep'em coming, thanks in advance guys.:)

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LW_Black4 01-27-2014 09:03 AM

I bought a high-mileage '04 WRX (208,000 km), without issue.

The important thing is to get an accurate history and maintenance of the car with it - if possible - and to identify a plan for any work that will be required. Some of the key things I'd look to assess where they are in their service life are:

1. Timing belt; every 168,000 km,
2. Clutch; est. 135,000 km,
3. Spark plugs; every 48,000 km, and maybe
4. Rebuild; every 300,000 km.

Here's the complete list:
[url=]Subaru maintenance schedules and new car break-in period- 2000 through 2009, links for 2010, 2011...[/url]

Most competent shops can do this, and it was part of the 'Safety inspection' on my WRX.

xWRXx2NRx 01-27-2014 04:42 PM

Thanks for the list LW_Black4, great help.

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