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drivecraz12 03-11-2011 08:45 PM

just looking for info
i am kinda new here and was wondering what is the difference between impreza wrx and impreza wrx tr

Hondafan 03-11-2011 08:55 PM

That model was available for 06-07 as I recall. I think it stands for "track ready", "tuning ready", or something like that. It's a base model with less of the luxury features like auto-climate control. It doesn't have a spoiler from the factory, and I can't remember what else. It's just a stripped down version of the WRX.

Edit: After browsing NASIOC really quickly I also found this:

No auto climate control.
No side skirts.
No aluminum peddle covers.
No rear cup holder.
No spoiler.
Unpainted side mirror covers.
2.5i front seats.
2.5i door cards.
3rd brake light in rear window.
No leather shifter.
No fog lights.
No chrome door handles inside.
Supper crappy single DIN CD player in place of double DIN 6 disk CD player.
Cheaper speakers from base 2.5i

[URL=""]Link to the entire thread here.[/URL]

newtothegame 03-11-2011 08:56 PM

If you google you should be able to pull several results and answers to your questions. Performance wise they both have the same power, braking, etc. Most was cosmetic. The seats were out of a normal impreza, the mirrors werent color matched (outside side mirror covers), I believe it only came with a single DIN headunit. The TR stood for "Tuner Ready" knowing that people liked to modify the Imreza, it was a marketing gimic as it was only done for the 06 (and maybe the 07) year that Im aware of.

Brad is very right about most of that. Any and all of that could be added to the TR so you would be basically be buying the "normal" WRX. My 3rd brake light for example is in the rear view mirror, but only because I didnt have the factory spoiler. My wifes 05 has the 3rd brake light in the rear window, and the previous owner had put the spoiler on, so technically she has 4 brake lights, lol.

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