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How much life is left in 09-12 WRX's with 70k miles?

Hello everyone!

I am currently in the market for a WRX (more specifically a hatchback) with a budget of 14k-16k w/ financing. I am looking for the years of 09-12 as they fit into my price range. The cars I am coming upon between the budget all have 70k miles or above. I then began questioning how much life is left in these cars that have 70k miles.

I currently have a 2002 Lexus is300 (stock) with 150k miles with nothing wrong with it but I do not want to put money into it because it is an older car although I have seen is300's go into the 300k miles range.

Because my car has some age and many miles onto it, I then started looking into WRX's because they are relatively newer with fewer miles. After I started searching the web for WRX's in the budget, I noticed something extremely bold: There are a bunch of WRX's for sale but very few are over the 110k miles range. This just made me wonder how long could WRX's go for?

I want a car that has plenty of life left and not have to worry about putting my money into a car that is on its last leg.

What is the life-span of 09-12 WRX's and how many miles do they go for? Should I pursue WRX's with 70k miles?

Thank you all!
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After doing my calculations of 15k miles being the yearly average, these cars within the 08-12 seem to be on track soon for 100k miles but would just like to know if anyone has driven their 09 and above WRX past the 100k mark without issues or if any, what kind of issues?
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That's an incredibly vague question.

The answer is: it depends.

If you know how to drive it safely, maintain it, do oil changes on schedule, don't modify, when major maintenance such as motor gaskets start to leak, replace them, there's no reason it won't keep running.

My 08 is hevily modified and I drive it like I stole it and it's at 107,500 miles. I blew the motor from the modifications and rebuilt it with a fully built short block. It will keep running.
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Yeah dude, as long as it's been maintained and has good compression and no CEL it should run for a long time.....mine has 192xxx original motor. It is an 02 wrx but it all has to do with maintenance! I raced it all the time and do occasionally now. Gonna compression test it and then tune it for 300whp on my vf48 with supporting mods. Don't be dumb with the car and your fine

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My 02 wagon has 194k on it, I'm the 4th owner and I know it was driven like it was stolen. Took a chance when I bought it not running (no tranny installed) and other than the prior "build" (someone slapped the engine together) being complete garbage, I'm just doing basic maintenance like suspension, bushings, bearings (194k and still has 2 original wheel bearings), etc it's still going strong.

Between corrosion and other mods/maintenance you shouldn't really need to worry about it. Buy from Subaru if you can and get their OEM extended warranty if possible, but only if it's the Subaru warranty as others commonly rip people off when things need fixing. Also when you buy used, set aside enough money to replace the motor or tranny just in case...even if those things don't go out soon after, cost of maintenance can be high depending on these variables. Oh and test drive or bust, 5speed you should check the clutch in 5th at WOT to make sure it still holds.

The biggest issue people talk about with the EJ255s and 5speeds are the emissions bs and the gearbox, as they can be broken if you bang through the gears and drive it like a truck. Whether you are at stock power levels or making 700whp, it's all how you drive it!
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my 2002 wagon still pulled strong with 320,000km when it was pulled for my motor swap. that same motor is now in a rally car still pushing hard.

the reliability of a pre-owned subaru solely relies with the previous owner. it could have 50,000miles on it but if those are 50,000 race miles with a dude who chaged his oil every 10000miles and used non-premium gas... actually this wouldnt happen the motor would have popped before 50,000km lol.

im sort of rambling hypothetically, but i think you get the idea. these are high performance cars meant to be driven hard, and people drive them hard. they can take the abuse sure, but not so if they are neglected.

what you could do is find one with a mint chassis/body and blown motor for well under $10,000 and then shove in a new motor yourself with the remaining $6000+. would take out alot of the guess work and you've have a sweet ride.

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